This is awesome.

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This is awesome.

Postby Drakona » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:18 am

So, the game went on sale on Steam some time ago, and a friend of mine sent out a note telling everyone to get it. "It's a hardcore roguelike rhythm game," he says, "and it's really good."

"Roguelike rhythm game?" I say. "I like roguelikes, and I know rhythm games, but . . . I don't even understand what that would mean."

He goes on to explain it. I'm occupied and can't pick it up during the sale, but it goes on my list of "once I've got a free weekend, I better check it out."

So, I had a free weekend. Three day weekend, even, with Columbus day. And Oh. My. Gosh.

There is nothing about this I do not love. It's Tuesday morning? I have a serious gaming hangover. Every aspect, every dang tiny piece of this whole experience from the UI to the music to the fact that the red dragon is bobbin' his head to the beat. It's all sublime.

You people are the best game developers ever, and are now my personal heroes.

Thank you all. Sincerely.

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Re: This is awesome.

Postby Soto8969 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:40 pm

Welcome, and good luck with Aria!
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Re: This is awesome.

Postby NecroHeather » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:48 pm

Thanks for the kind words Drak and welcome! We're glad you like the game! :D
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