One more dancer

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One more dancer

Postby Krauvando » Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:16 am

Hi everyone!

I've been following and playing CoND since it was an early access and it became one of my favorite indie games ever pretty soon. Later on I decided to stop playing a bit since this game was crushing me down, but now I'm determined again and I just decided to givea tour on the official forums :)

I actively watch CoND streams and vids and my goal is to, at least, reach the point where I will beat Coda. This looks very far away right now but just wait for it. I've done dozens of high-tier challenges during my time on Steam and I decided to be VERY serious with CoND. In case of curiosity, here's my Steam profile:

So far I've "just" played like 140h and I'm currently working on gaining consistency with every character so I can beat the All Chars mode. Then, the big challenge will begin!
But anyway, don't missunderstand me: I do not just play CoND for the challenges; this game is endlessly fun no matter what.

Not much more to say, I don't know if the forums are active anymore but at least I'm gonna try to!

Greetings :)!
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Re: One more dancer

Postby h11471392085 » Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:15 am

The forums aren't very active, but the community is very active on discord! Here's the link to the main server:

Welcome, and happy dancing!
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