Amplified Aria Deathless leaderboards are bugged

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Amplified Aria Deathless leaderboards are bugged

Postby Naymin » Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:09 am

Applies both in game and in the steamcommunity API.

First, deathless scoring hasn't been updated for the DLC. Usually deathless scoring is wins*100 + (zone-1)*10 + (level-1).
Pre DLC Aria had her zones score flipped (4-zone), but looking at the leadeboards its visible it wasn't updated for the DLC.
Right now the scoring for z5 is (zone-1), like otherr characters, but remain the same as pre DLC for zones 1 through 4.
That means if you pass z5 your score actually goes down from 4X to normal as seen in the official leaderboards.
Holly and Serioushn died on zones 1 and 3 respectively but are ranked last.

Second, the zones displayed in the in game leaderboards aren't flipped properly so z5 shows up as "zone 0" as seen here.
I guess its the same cause as the first issue which is zone reversal not being accounted for.

(Also not a bug, but if the API included all ingame leaderboards that would be amazing)
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Re: Amplified Aria Deathless leaderboards are bugged

Postby Arachness » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:14 pm

Thank you for the detailed report! I've added this to our bug tracker.
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