PS4 Pro - Laggy after a buying from gem merchant

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PS4 Pro - Laggy after a buying from gem merchant

Postby Hoodzskulz » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:16 am

Hello, first of all im typing with my phone with a thumb split, i apologize for typos and spelling errors if there are any

Down to businesses i just got the game for my playstation pro yesterday (March 6th 2017) and we beat it then i started going in solo for trophies, i had beat zone 1 no problem, died a couple times in zone 2, then when i went to the gems dealer after a death to help me beat it, i started dropping crazy frames the music played just fine, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, closing and reopening app, restarting the system, everything, so far no luck, even when i open the application the opening title audio works just fine but its at like 2 frames a second, i even tried stuggling to get to the gems merchant to reset the gem count to see if maybe i glitched my save somehow and the game didnt seem to care, id upload the clip i just recorded but i dont know how to do that from my phone
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