Replay showing two bugs

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Replay showing two bugs

Postby RyanThompson » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:43 am

I have a replay that shows two weird behaviors in the Cadence Necrodancer fight. First, at one point during the fight, I had Dorian and Cadence next to each other with a "confuse mage" adjacent to Cadence on the opposite side from Dorian. So the mage could have either attacked Cadence (who was adjacent) or cast a spell on Dorian (who was 1 square away). Obviously, it makes more sense for him to attack the adjacent character, but instead he chose to cast the confuse spell. The second bug appeared a little later. Somehow Dorian ended up inside the wall for a few beats. I didn't see how he got into the wall, since I was paying attention to Cadence at the time.

I'm not actually sure if either bug is specific to the Necrodancer fight, or whether they could also trigger in Co-op mode.

You can find the replay here: ... 1.dat?dl=0
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