New PS4/Vita Patch: 1.01/1.02

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New PS4/Vita Patch: 1.01/1.02

Postby Arachness » Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:34 pm

Patch notes:

Changes: ­
-­ Health icon replaced.
-­ Area 1­-1, Girlfriend Records' song and the related Shopkeep song updated with versions that don’t present more desyncs.
-­ Fixed accelerated audio pitch during cutscenes.
-­ Removed overlapping savegames (solves FPS drop after playing for a while)
-­ Intro’s subtitles are no longer displayed if the console is setup in English (BR/US) (only EU/US builds)
- Savedata and replays are now saved separately (solves FPS hiccups)
- ­ Removed savegame event on item or gold pickups (solves FPS hiccups). ­
- [PSVita] Mushroom spores’ size has been increased to better display the area of effect. ­
- [PS4] Popup frames have been slightly reduced to avoid clipping due some TVs overscan. ­
- Fixed issue where only three OSTs were selected when “Random OST” was configured on.
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