My replay was glitched

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My replay was glitched

Postby AndroFox » Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:29 am

I finished an All-Zones run with Bolt (with the Amplified DLC) and I used screen recording software to record my replay into video. I left the replay running while it was being recorded, only to come back later to my computer and seeing that Bolt died in Zone 3. She inexplicably falls into a trapdoor that wasn't there and the song wasn't even close to ending and is killed by the monsters spawned by the trap. She also kept running into walls, picking up different items and buying things that I don't remember buying, but only in Zone 3. I never sped up or slowed down the replay speed.

Can you please take a look at the video? I'd like an explanation, and maybe a solution, if possible. (I'm just curious!) ... y.mp4?dl=0
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Re: My replay was glitched

Postby vonflare » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:13 am

the replay de-synced. it's a rare bug.
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