Changes to base game content in Amplified DLC

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Changes to base game content in Amplified DLC

Postby blueblimp » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:08 am

These changes were present when Amplified launched in Early Access. The list may be incomplete. Also, additional changes may be made during Early Access.

- Blood shovel: don't splash dig zone 4 stone walls for free
- Minimap: show ooze, metal doors, cracked shop wall
- Remove Ring of War from Dove's item pool
- Remove Ring of Gold from Eli's item pool
- Make frost dagger not melt
- Frost dagger break frozen urns, damage frozen dead ringer
- Dead ringer: don't teleport when frozen
- Necrodancer 1 boss tweak: in phase 2, don't count stage objects for spawn cap
- Balance tweak: remove gold bonus from ring of wonder
- Buff ballet shoes: give full multiplier after 1 kill
- Base game tweak: ooze golems only drop ooze once each
- Re-enable ooze golems for Aria
- Crystal shovel don't override blood shovel; and blood not override base
- Boss toughness scales with depth, boss enemies determined by zone
- Determine King Conga trap type by zone, not depth
- Reject impassable layouts during map generation
- Ooze golem: don't spawn ooze for electric arc, fireball, bomb
- Omit first level shrine by depth, not zone
- Enchant weapon: give titanium/obs/glass/jeweled only
- Remove phasing ring
- Remove pace/phasing/no-return shrines
- Shrine of risk: don't deal damage when player at 0.5 heart
- Ban monstrous shops from single zone 1
- Level editor: allow placing chess pieces

- Fix blue dragon failing to freeze; also fix entry room illumination
- Fix Miner's Cap stacking with torch_2
- Make obsidian armor stack correctly with other armor items
- Fix small gold hoard silhouette
- Fix inconsistencies in flee behavior of white mimics, leprechaun
- Fix basic seek depending on absolute map position
- Fix LOS bounding box, which caused asymmetric lighting
- Zone 4 level gen: fix secret rooms interfering with normal rooms
- Boss room entry: fix enemies on door tiles not being removed
- Fix bug: giant enemy water+dig interaction
- Bug fix: armadillo liquid+dig interaction
- Blunderbuss boss: fix losing shot & beat at certain positions
- Fix final boss practice inconsistencies
- Custom levels: prevent floor hazards overwriting locked exit
- More consistent elemental tile placement behavior
- Fix sometimes using wrong coin multiplier for Dead Ringer coins, Dove coins
- Can now make 1 tile step with leaping boots and clamped green monkey
- Wind mage takes effect with clamped monkey
- Bounce trap takes effect with clamped monkey
- Fix Death Metal moving slowly when skipping phase 2
- Fix lute boss un-telled firepig shot
- Fix wallpig heart transplant interaction
- Phasing dagger kick crate gargoyle, don't vanish it
- Correct delay for proximity gargoyle hit by longsword
- Write valid XML
- Don't erase secret shops when placing penalty boxes
- Fix bug where some non-base weapons (e.g. cat) didn't spawn in single zone mode
- Fix shriner hang when not enough shrine types remain
- Fix codex endlessly blinking "NEW" label
- Fix intermittent crash when playing Bard on a level beyond song beat count
- Don't crash on startup when default mod has an invalid character spritesheet
- Change weaponmaster layout to not overlap item names when they are turned on
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