Mode / Shrine toggles for Boss Practice

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Mode / Shrine toggles for Boss Practice

Postby tarotDeck » Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:33 am

No Return Mode, Hard Mode can noticeably change the fashion in which boss fights work, and there's no easy access to practice any of these with the level editor or with the Bossmaster (nor character-specific bosses and Shrines). Considering the otherwise mostly-comprehensive nature of the Weaponmaster + Beastmaster + Bossmaster + the level editor, and how it's only possible to get practice in ongoing runs for some of these concepts, this feels lacking.

I think the top area of the Bossmaster's area could do with toggles for these game modes and any further game modes added. It'd also be nice to have Rhythm, Darkness, and War toggles for the Bossmaster, or to expand the level editor's current limits (as of v2.45 there's no mode controls, DLC boss access nor character-specific boss access) to permit practicing mode / shrine modified bosses.
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Re: Mode / Shrine toggles for Boss Practice

Postby NarwhalMan53 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:04 pm

Alternatively, have the hard mode / no return mode just return you to the lobby, with that effect toggled on. This means one less staircase in the extra mode area, because one could just go to the seeded option after toggling it on. This also enables you to do single zones with them enabled.
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