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Postby Ryan Clark » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:37 pm

- fixed bug where secret rooms could fail to be created and crates, etc. could show up in walls
- fixed bug where L-shaped rooms could cause enemies/traps/shrines to spawn incorrectly in secret rooms
- fixed bug that caused you to respawn as Cadence after daily challenge
- made it so the game respects command line params over profile for fullscreen/resolution
- fixed bug where window would resize when using custom music filebrowser
- fixed boss generation in level editor (Coral riff was producing Deep blues when played)
- added grey shove monster to beastmaster, level editor
- fixed monkeys/tar monsters on always show hearts mode
- fixed bug where popup was preventing you from continuing deathless runs
- fixed bug with coin score leaderboards not showing properly
- made daily challenge leaderboards show zone like all chars mode
- Fixed bug where tempo traps on Conga’s level were behaving strangely
- Fixed issue with overlapping cost text and hint text, at the Shriner
- Made it so that Dove can’t get Boots of Lunging from bombing Shrine of Pace
- Fixed bug where Coral Riff’s head wasn’t dropping gold in Monk mode
- Fixed bug where all boss battle enemies were dropping coins after the boss was defeated, regardless of mode or golden weapon
- made transmogrification fail if there are no items left in the item pool for that slot
- fixed bug that caused spike traps to bypass invincibility frames depending on when in the beat you moved
- Fixed bug where enemies summoned by bosses WOULD drop gold, if you killed them before the next summon
- Reduced length of invincibility flicker to make it match up better with actual invincibility duration
- Fixed bug where Dagger of Phasing wasn’t always damaging Coral Riff’s head
- Fixed some text alignment/overlap issues with item names and hints
- fixed bug that caused DDR mode to respawn starting items each level
- fixed bug that made "ZONE 2 UNLOCKED!" always show up
- Fixed bug where setting Default Character to Dorian and then changing to another character would result in that character retaining the 1.5 armor bonus
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:44 pm

- added 10% chance of secondary shops behind glass, blood, and food shops
- added character portraits to char select screen and char unlocked popup
- added bestiary portraits to pre-training popup
- fixed text shadow on popups
- disabled most achievements in co-op, seeded, and level editor mode
- fixed bug where pawnbroker coin flyaway was doubled
- fixed bug where urns' health wasn't showing
- made hurt voiceover not play when using blood magic
- fixed bug where frozen shopkeeper could teleport
- made shopkeeper damageable by spike traps
- made future daily challenge leaderboards not viewable
- fixed crash when trying to place zone 1 floor in a zone 2 generated level in level editor
- fixed bugs with starting items, bombs, and gold in level editor
- fixed bug where wall placement wasn't cycling properly in level editor
- fixed bug with zone 3 ice/fire tiles sometimes being toggled incorrectly in level editor
- made shops for all 'weaponless' characters only have 2 items
- fixed bug where you could get the gold achievement by watching bugged replays that start with lots of gold
- fixed bug where gold weapon damage bonus was coming on the wrong beat sometimes
- removed rifle and blunderbuss from Dorian's item pool
- made hardcore mode include zone 4
- Fixed memory leak that was causing crashes on Windows
- fixed bug where skeletong mages could sometimes ignore bounce traps
- fixed bug where both co-op players were affected by 1 player having blast helm
- made scroll of need unable to generate glass armor/glass jaw/glass shovel for certain characters
- fixed bug where bossmaster training would have the same RNG when you beat it and restart via the end stairs
- adjusted spell cooldown text on HUD
- fixed gold weapon inconsistencies
- fixed some king conga bugs
- fixed some issues with fear spell
- fixed transition in hardcore mode between zone 3 -> 4
- check steam leaderboards before allowing people to do daily challenge
- Removed Blood Shovel from Aria’s item pool
- Added zone 4 music and Dead Ringer music
- fixed issue that caused the post-game GUI to not appear after a successful replay
- changed leaderboards to _DEV
- added placeholder music and options to toggle between soundtracks
- added new sounds
- fixed dead ringer crash bug
- Made Boots of Lunging do only 4 damage per lunge
- Changed green armadillo to orange variant and added diagonal roll animation
- Added warlock, golem, and blademaster color variants
- Added shrink-tile images
- Fixed disco floor in zone 4 so that the lute drawings on the floor don’t move
- Added greater variety of zone 1 dirt tiles
- Added zone 4 diamond tiles and cracked dirt tiles
- Made ooze golems drop ooze tiles when hit, and added more of them to zone 4 level generation
- fade out music and graphics after each level
- added placeholder cutscenes
- added Necrodancer stage graphics
- made dragons able to be hurt by other dragons' fireballs
- took war drum out of Aria's item pool
- fixed some minor bugs
- Made ooze golems put shrink-tile underneath the attacking player, regardless of the player’s location
- Added rough versions of all of Jules’ tracks
- Added zone 4 shopkeeper tracks and mouth opening data
- Added Danny’s updated z4-3 track
- Added new shopkeeper’s ghost sfx
- added placeholder boss intros
- added placeholder victory credits videos
- Added new Monstrous Shopkeeper audio and made Monstrous Shopkeepers more common
- Changed the look of shop walls slightly, when a monstrous shopkeeper is inside
- Made the golden lute item cast light so it’s always visible during the NecroDancer boss battle
- Fixed shadowing issues with the NecroDancer battle’s stage, and made the stage mummies do different poses
- added placeholder mentor levels
- fixed bug where confusion particles sometimes weren't appearing
- fixed bug that made music too loud when pre-boss audio effect was disabled
- added zone 4 stuff to beastmaster, bossmaster, level editor
- Added new sfx for shopkeeper and monstrous shopkeeper attack/hit/death
- Added Ted’s touched up character portraits
- Started work on a system for rendering borders around our GUIs
- fixed bug where pendingSpawnItems weren't working in zone 1
- save pendingSpawnItems in profile to prevent replay desyncs
- allow ranged weapons to shoot through invisible chests
- fixed bug where boots of leaping would cause omni-bounce traps to bounce you further
- fixed bug where confuse trap could trigger late when moving quickly with bard/bolt
- fixed bug where enemies' move delay still counted down when player was phased
- fixed bugs related to mimics not unstealthing on the right beat
- fixed bug where hot coals could hit players too early in co-op if one player didn't move
- made dead ringer bells only able to summon 1 enemy at a time, and replaced red dragon with grey bat
- made "In the zone" achievements Cadence only
- cleaned up a lot of instances of temporary images like text flyaways not getting properly discarded
- added new Necrodancer music
- decreased time between Necrodancer's spells
- fixed bug that excluded some items from enchant, transmogrify, etc.
- tweaks to Necrodancer fights
- Finished GUI border system and added border to Pause Menu. Also fixed pause menu rendering so that it works at all zoom levels. Will add borders to other GUIs later.
- Added dashes to the sides of selected menu items, if text is centered
- Added new boss intro images, added white outlines to make it all more visible
- Made boss intros work at all resolutions and multipliers
- Added announcer audio to boss intros
- Bunch of tweaks to the NecroDancer battle and added his VO/taunts

- fixed issue with wraiths dying instantly in training mode
- replaced 'Quit to Main Menu' with 'Exit Game' in pause menu
- made earthquake affect Coral Riff
- fixed bug where entering daily challenge with different character would produce a different level 1
- fixed bug where Melody sometimes wouldn't double hit shove monsters when shoved
- fixed bug where ring of phasing wouldn't work with boots of lunging
- fixed bug where the end shriner fight trigger was getting triggered after player death
- made monocle show gold and bombs in crates and contents of shrines
- made only 1 urn spawn per run
- changed urn and vault item selection based on the current character's item pool
- made item pool reset when exhausted
- fixed bug where food shopkeeper's bombs could explode instantly
- Added borders and proper resizing to the rest of the game’s menus
- Fixed bestiary and char popups so text doesn’t overlap the image
- fixed issue where dead bard could still make enemies move in co-op
- don't spawn sarcophagi for Dove
- made Necrodancer vary his spells more, fixed bug where enemies got an extra move after song transition, made VOs cut each other
- made Monk start with blood shovel
- made black bats not spawn for Bolt
- made bombs hit blademasters
- changed blademaster to always get knocked away from player when hit with flail/cat
- made blademasters not spawn for Dorian
- made Dead Ringer gong only appear after bells are destroyed, and added 'INVINVIBLE' flyaway
- removed guaranteed gold weapon in blood shop for the Daily Challenge
- made shrine of war give protection charm instead of leather armor
- made lute dragon's neck tween when it moves its head
- made golden lute and boots of pain unable to be used when shrunk, trigger warlocks, not auto-trigger gargoyles, not auto-hit bells
- fixed issue where boss level pause was letting enemies move once before pausing
- fixed exploding gargoyles, they were exploding 1 beat too early
- made special shops only have 2 items for 'weaponless' characters
- made Necrodancer battle work properly in co-op
- fixed bug where Necrodancer music wasn't looping properly
- added missing placeholder bestiary images
- Updated Jules’ music in the game. It should now sync properly with the shopkeeper. Testers: Please test!
- Nerfed blademasters’ damage a bit
- Updated Melody’s NecroDancer battle. Lava phase now occurs when he’s on 1 health. He now also has a shield at the end. Testers: Please test + give us your feedback!

- Added sound effects and fixed a bunch of issues with Aria's Golden Lute battle. Aside from temp music, this battle is “done”. Testers, please test and let us know what you think! Access by hitting F1->L->V as Aria, or by beating zone 1
- Added vocalizations for Bolt, Coda, and Dove
- Removed pre-battle bounce trap in NecroDancer/Cadence battle and added wall. Made Cadence + Dorian start close together so player must use wall to separate them
- Fixed bug where Cadence’s NecroDancer battle was crashing
- Fixed Melody’s coral riff music temporarily while we wait for A_Rival’s tracks
- Added Jules’ lobby track
- Updated Melody’s NecroDancer battle. Lava phase now occurs when he’s on 1 health. He now also has a shield at the end. Testers: Please test + give us your feedback!
- Updated goblin and goblin sentry sfx
- Added “new character unlocked” announcer VO
- Made Dove say “oh no!” when nearby enemies die
- Removed trap doors from zone 4
- Rebalanced a bunch of sfx volumes
- Made arrow swipe generic so it works better for throws, rifle shots, etc
- Fixed z-ordering issues with bomb blasts
- made blademasters vulnerable to freeze, fireballs, spiketraps, etc
- made black bats respect ring of luck
- fixed roofpig traps in level editor
- changed zone unlocks to unlock by character
- made Dead Ringer and Necrodancer only appear for Cadence
- made Aria start in zone 4, end in zone 1 (still need to change enemies, bosses, etc)
- fixed issue with pixie and ghoul not appearing in beastmaster
- added zone 4 versions of boss battles
- fixed Lute Dragon hotkey
- fixed bug where earthquaking Coral Riff did weird stuff
- fixed bug where zone 4 trapdoor battles were spawning multiple enemies in the same spot
- Nerfed NecroDancer/Cadence battle a bit and added Ring of Might and optional weapon for Dorian (still need to fix the Melody/NecroDancer battle)
- Removed Ring of Phasing and Shrine of Phasing from Dove’s pool
- Made bombing an active Shrine of Phasing give Scroll of Fear instead of Dagger of Phasing
- Removed Boots of Lunging from shrines

- Completely altered the final phase of Melody’s NecroDancer battle. Tried to make it look a bit like Thriller :)
- Made Aria levels have a mix of enemies from all previous zones
- Added the story cutscenes!
- Added the 4 end credits variants (not final — some names are missing. If your name is missing, don’t worry! It will be added.)
- fixed bug where co-op achievement activates after Necrodancer fight
- Melody/ooze fixes
- dead ringer tweaks: made him go to final phase after ringing all the bells, made his charge redirectable by flail, made gong appearing more noticeable
- fixed bug where boss intro pause was waiting for both players to move in co-op
- fixed bug where leaderboards were showing 'WIN!' inconsistently
- fixed blademaster behaviour in co-op
- fixed issue where Camera was resetting incorrectly in certain cases while submitting scores
- fixed which boss you get sent to in zone 4 for certain combinations of characters in co-op
- tweaked Necrodancer AI
- added zone 4 boss variants and new bosses to bossmaster
- added zone 4 boss variants to level editor
- fixed bug where warlock teleportation could mess up thrown weapons or parts of attack swipes
- fixed bug where harpies weren't getting silhoutted in the dark
- made ring of peace affect Necrodancer, Lute Dragon summons
- made gargoyles show their items if player has monocle
- Put in the lute boss music
- Added eyes to silhouettes of z4 roofpig fireball traps
- Removed War Drum from Dove’s item pool
- Fixed bug where NecroDancer would keep saying “Give Me That Lute” even when dead
- Added Ted’s touched up bestiary images
- Added black backdrop behind GUI border
- Fixed strange harpy aggro behavior
- Made little mummies always aggroed to fix issue where they’d sometimes stay in the shadows and Mommy wouldn’t spawn more of them
- Made lute boss unfreezable
- Added dark outlines around confuse particles to make them more easily visible
- Made Lute boss retreat if you hit him while he’s stunned
- Made goblin bombers aggro a bit more predictably
- Made the game show the pre-boss cutscenes
- Fixed some GUI z-ordering issues
- Fixed issue where lute boss was moving too quickly after retreating
- In phase1 of Melody/Necro, made him NOT go adjacent to walls. It’s weird/confusing when he teleports because they close on him
- added new achievements
- made magic monkeys not kill Aria
- allow picking up golden lute and Dorian weapon in low%

- Put in the corrected + final credits videos
- To increase predictability, made Lute Boss cast its spells right when it’s hit, if it’s stunned. I think this boss is done now!
- made Aria boss battles fully reversed (zone 1 version in zone 4, etc)
- added Dorian platemail image
- made green slimes move when feared
- added XBOX and PS4 controller buttons for HUD
- fixed bug where all chars low% achievement wasn't activating
- fixed bug with end credits video sending you to test level
- fixed bug where 'submit score for this run?' appeared twice
- Changed the code for the speedrun achievement to be for sub15 minute speedruns, not sub8
- Minor performance/rendering optimizations (mostly for Mac/Linux)
- Added some boots to the antechamber of the Lute Boss fight, in case the player comes in with Winged Boots or Lead Boots and can’t use the bounce traps
- Fixed issue where NecroDancer would move after you hit him, in final phase of NecroDancer/Melody fight
- Made enemies that come out of sarcophagi immediately aggro, so you can’t cheese the Necro/Melody fight
- Made Necro/Melody fight only go to the final phase if you’ve got him down to 1 health
- Added teleport traps to the bottom of the final phase of the Necro/Melody fight so he can’t get stuck
- Made pixies a light source
- Updated main menu image and added another image for if you own the OST
- Removed harpies from Dove’s enemy pool
- Improved z-ordering for NecroDancer, Ogre, Harpies, and Goblin Bombers

- Finished final lobby room: The Codex. Added 4 levels that teach advanced techniques. May add more levels in the future.
- Made it so that bombing Dead Ringer’s bells doesn’t spawn a miniboss, but ringing them by hitting them does
- Made Shrine of Rhythm give you obsidian gear (similar to what glass shrine does), and only damage you 1/2 heart if you miss a beat
- Made Aria and Coda a bit easier by reducing total number of enemies and certain enemy types
- Made it so that Aria doesn’t have to destroy the sarcophagi after zone 4
- Made it so that you need to beat the game with Monk (not Aria) to unlock Bolt
- Removed guaranteed shriner from 1-1
- Put guaranteed blood shop back in 1-1 or 1-2 on All Zones Mode
- Made Dead Ringer glow yellow in final phase to make it more obvious that he’s now different
- Changed the way replays work
- fixed replay desync caused by goblin sentries
- fixed replay desync caused by loss of window focus
- fixed replay desync caused by variation in enemy aggro based on what part of the beat you moved on (was likely major cause of desyncs)
- fixed bug where watching replays from training mode could cause weird stuff to happen
- fixed desync caused by fadeout at end of levels
- disabled blood shovel in lobby
- made Eli unable to kick bombs while shrunk
- Made NecroDancer unfreezable
- Removed “Credits” from pause menu
- Adjusted character select screen so the flyaways from the top row of locked stairs are easier to read
- Fixed bug where missing miniboss images was causing some Bossmaster staircases to crash the game
- Fixed issue where player’s score (listed in red) was not always lining up properly on Leaderboards GUI
- Fixed issue where GUI checkboxes were slightly overlapping with the blue “current selection” hyphens
- Made the bells in Dead Ringer show via color if they are being sought or if they have already been rung
- Added different sound when bells break in Dead Ringer, vs when they are rung
- Added vocalization when Dead Ringer switches to his final phase
- Made Dead Ringer start close to one of the upper bells so he rings it guaranteed, so players get a sense for what he’s trying to do as he moves around
Cadence Necrodancer fixes:
- fixed crash caused by watching replay after dying in Necrodancer fight
- fixed bug where P2 would fall down a trapdoor in replays after dying
- fixed some more replay desyncs in Necrodancer fight
- fixed bug where Necrodancer could summon red dragons that won't fireball
- fixed bug where dancers on Necrodancer stage wouldn't activate if hit with blood shovel
Melody Necrodancer fixes:
- fixed issue where yellow sarcophagi could get stuck in the walls
- made walls in initial and end rooms close in
- made music not loop
- fixed bug where Melody could survive walls closing in with potion
- made Necrodancer go on top of walls when they close in fully
- fixed bug where skeletons could appear on top of player in final phase, blocking you in
- made heart transplant not take effect

- lock zone 1 staircase for Aria if it hasn't been unlocked yet
- give Coda free shop items
- fixed bug where things weren't getting reset after exiting a codex level
- fixed bug where Melody did 2 damage to confusion monkeys
- teleport confusion monkey along with player after killing warlock
- fixed bug where Aria would die after killing warlock on hot coals
- fixed blademaster offsets
- fixed story mode replays
- fixed co-op mode replays
- fixed replay desync caused by heart transplant
- made wraith spawns more replay-safe
- made shrines other than shrine of chance ignore pendingSpawnItems

- Put in final game music and adjusted all relative sound volumes
- Adjusted shopkeeper volumes
- lock zone 1 staircase for Aria if it hasn't been unlocked yet
- give Coda free shop items
- fixed bug where things weren't getting reset after exiting a codex level
- fixed bug where Melody did 2 damage to confusion monkeys
- teleport confusion monkey along with player after killing warlock
- fixed bug where Aria would die after killing warlock on hot coals
- fixed blademaster offsets
- fixed story mode replays
- fixed co-op mode replays
- fixed replay desync caused by heart transplant
- made wraith spawns more replay-safe
- made shrines other than shrine of chance ignore pendingSpawnItems
- Did some balancing of item costs + rarities
- Fixed bug where credits were being displayed after completing Cadence or Melody in Store Mode
- Made it so that elementals don’t knock back the player
- Fixed bug where “culled” enemies for reduced enemy characters (like Aria) were sometimes leaving hot coals or ice tiles
- Made tar monsters drop a tar tile when they die
- Made wallpig traps more visible even when silhouetted
- Adjusted Shrine of Chance cost
- More Aria difficulty tweaks

- fixed wraith interactions with monocle, glass torch, etc.
- fixed bug where fire traps would get stuck if you miss a beat
- made mummys drop no coins
- fixed bug where deathless mode wasn't ending in the lobby
- fixed bug where some triggers weren't activating in training version of Melody Necrodancer battle
- fixed bug where lava wasn't appearing right away in Melody Necrodancer battle
- fixed bug where player retained golden lute after Necrodancer training battle
- disabled bossmaster exits for character specific bosses when that character isn't active
- fixed hint text offset on shrine of chance
- Updated Monstrous Shopkeeper audio to match the final music
- Fixed some boss tracks that weren’t looping correctly
- Updated diamond images and made zone 4 have groups of 4 diamonds instead of 3
- Removed Blood Shovel and Ring of Charisma from Coda’s pool
- More song volume adjustments
- Rebalanced a bunch of diamond costs
- Made base bow + crossbow cheaper and not appear in boss chests
- Fixed issue with Jules’ lobby track starting strangely due to loop
- Added the final “_PROD” leaderboard suffix for non-dev/non-debug builds
- Made Boots of Pain, Blood Shovel, and Rifle unlockable in the lobby
- Fixed bug where GUI borders weren’t long enough on some zoom levels and at large resolutions
- Locked Daily Challenge until zone 1 has been completed
- Added pop-up to explain daily challenge
- Updated change log

- fixed bug where you could get the same boss in zones 1 and 4
- fixed issue with ghouls + monocle
- made leprechauns not drop coins for monk
- increased leprechaun health to 5 for Eli
- fixed bug where shriner creation could cause hang in non-hardcore mode
- Added Zone 4 achievement
- Made the game only output logs for DEBUG_BUILD=True

- made shrine of war work on boss sarcophagi
- fixed bug where chain wouldn't break on Melody Necrodancer battle
- cancel tween when teleporting from warlock
- let spiders move onto shop walls
- removed transmogrifier from non-hardcore mode
- adjusted width of secondary shops behind food shops
- made sure gold can't spawn in locked shops and added a couple more locked shop items
- fixed bug where Mommy's silhouette frames were never shown
- fixed issue where lute dragon could go on top of enemies
- fixed issue where you would die from missed beat from attacking the lute dragon
- fixed bug where lute dragon could get stuck in front of skeletons when retreating, causing weird head movement
- made crates and crate-like objects unable to be confused
- fixed bug where story mode flag was persisting after exiting
- fixed bug where quick restart in deathless mode was loading normal hardcore mode
- fixed bug where king conga's throne image was appearing briefly after being bombed
- disabled voiceover cutting
- made post-replay screen show post-death replay
- fixed score and runtime in post-replay screen
- made dying from goblin bomber show up as "GOBLIN BOMBER" instead of "BOMB" on post-death screen
- fixed bug where pixies and exploding mushrooms weren't destroying shrines or traps
- made pixies heal 1 heart when killed properly
- made blademasters able to be knocked back with flail or ring of war
- fixed bug where blademasters would lunge backwards
- fixed bug that was allowing shrines of sacrifice, chance in shriner
- changed Camera fading code to accomodate slower machines
- Change the locked descriptions for codex staircases
- Removed War Drum from Dove’s item pool
- Fixed issue with lobby beat data and loop point
- Delayed the movement of enemies spawned by sarcophagi, to make them more fair

- made ooze golems unaffected by shrine of war
- made shrine of rhythm not affect Dove's shovel
- fixed bug where music in zone 3 would get loud before fading at end of level
- fixed bug with metal doors not showing their open frame in zone 4
- fixed bug where the armor type flag was getting set incorrectly after breaking glass armor
- fixed bug where zone4 walls generated in level editor weren't breaking easily
- fixed bug where earthquake spell caused enemies to drop coins in boss levels
- changed Melody interactions with blademaster and ooze golem
- added popup when new end boss is unlocked in bossmaster
- Made pixies drop no gold so they don’t kill Monk + Coda
- Gave a coin cost to the Ring of Wonder and Crown of Greed, so that they have some value in the pawn shop
- Increased damage of roofpig fireball trap, for consistency
- fixed bug where Aria deathless mode scores were sorting in the wrong direction by zone
- changed flail to always hit blademaster in the direction of the swing
- disallow ooze in exit room in zone 4
- fixed bug where spiders could jump off of shop walls
- fixed bug where king conga would teleport if his throne was bombed after killing conga line
- made fire traps trigger before bounce traps
- changed rules for when fire traps are allowed to trigger, should prevent invisible ones from attacking, but allow silhouetted ones to attack
- made first conjurer purchase free for Monk/Dove/Coda
- fixed wraith/earthquake bug
- made non-player bombs do damage to enemies instead of confuse when playing as Dove
- made image preloading work properly
- Fixed bug where King Conga was no longer teleporting when bombed while on his throne
- Made character unlock message show up if you do a quick restart too, otherwise after unlocking Melody players may not realize what they are supposed to do next
- Adjusted some sound volumes
- Adjusted some item probabilities
- another wraith/earthquake fix
- fixed lute dragon silhouetting issues with sunglasses
- fixed issue with same type of shrine showing up in shriner and level if they were on the same level
- added option to disable post-death replays
- added post-death GUI to training mode
- fixed bug where restarting Necrodancer battle in training would cause beat bars to mess up
- fixed replay desync caused by Necrodancer music transition
- Updated version string to v1.00 and removed “_beta” (!!!)
- fixed crash caused by obsidian armor
- disallow heart transplant on Necrodancer1
- fixed ReloadAllSprites() function to work for mods
- fixed crash from attempting to throw an unthrowable weapon
- Actually made character unlock message show up if you do a quick restart too, otherwise after unlocking Melody players may not realize what they are supposed to do next
- Added A_Rival lobby track and updated Danny’s 1-3
- Disallow gargoyles in exit rooms
- Added updated bestiary art

- prevented StoreStats() function from getting called multiple times at end of level, hopefull fixes end of level hang issues
- took away "-PROD" and "-DEV" from daily challenge leaderboard name
- fixed bug where getting deafened and then letting the song run out would cause permanent low-pass filter
- pause Necrodancer2 music while boss intro is active
- fix deathless mode
- Fixed incorrect beat data for some songs that was causing issues at loop points of boss battles
- fixed bug where Necrodancer wasn't changing music if an alternate soundtrack was enabled
- fixed bug where Necrodancer2 would kill himself if you stood on the lava while the music ended
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:12 pm

- fixed issue where audio fadeout wouldn't always fully fade out
- made achievements trigger immediately again, but delay sending other stats until level load
- make sure resolution is valid before setting resolution from main menu -> could fix fullscreen crashes?
- fix issue where replays could overwrite the number of beats on the last level with 0, causing the walls to close in immediately for Melody
- made quick restart as Aria from lobby default to zone 4
- fixed bug where shield spell could prevent damage from Necrodancer2 walls
- made shrine of war work on shove monsters
- made ogre always do swing instead of trying to attack normally
- added a random option to soundtrack GUI
- fixed bug with pickaxe and zone 4 walls
- try to prevent urn from spawning 2 of the same spell
- fixed bug that could cause lobby items to spawn in certain situations, like bombing shrine of chance
- made shop doors in zone 4 unable to be placed next to secret rooms
- fixed zone 3 audio bug when killing banshee in one hit
- check visibility again when deciding if an enemy is hittable, will prevent issues like minotaur opening door and being unhittable for a beat
- fixed issues with warlocks and ooze golems in level editor
- fixed issue with quick restarting deathless mode going to normal hardcore
- made cutscenes only skip if ESC or a direction is hit
- fixed bug that turned ret bats into blue ones in level editor and training mode
- fixed bug where Aria died if trying to submit score in all chars mode
- made boss minions drop single coin for Coda
- fixed hole in the walls in Necrodancer2
- fixed replay desync caused by harpies
- fixed crash when changing default character before going to char select area
- made exiting the level editor reset you to the default character
- added '?' in place of character for unlocked characters in soundtrack GUI
- don't preload bestiary images to reduce RAM usage
- added seizure warning to main menu
- fixed issue where custom music leaderboards could still be shown for Bard
- optimized particle systems -> not sure if it'll have any effect on stutters
- fixed missed beat issue with looping songs + bolt/coda
- fixed last beat timing for bolt/coda on looping songs
- Fixed missing beat at the end of the phase2 music for Cadence’s NecroDancer fight
- Made shop walls even more noticeably different when Monstrous Shopkeeper is inside
- Updated leaderboard selection screen so it makes more sense
- Fixed graphical issue where “King Conga” text was showing up faintly behind other boss battle intro names
- Made zone4 health2 walls more visually distinct
- Golden Lute can no longer be transmuted
- Reduced the amount of stone walls in zone 4
- Fixed bug where Earthquake could damage the NecroDancer
- Fixed bug where Need scroll wasn’t giving you a shovel even if you had no shovel
- Added F7 hotkey to toggle logging on and off (it is now off by default) and the logging value is stored for future runs
- Updated codex levels to prevent a few ways of circumventing the lessons
- Fixed issue where Cadence + Bard were showing up as question marks in the Change Soundtrack menu, after wiping all data
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Wed May 06, 2015 8:57 pm

- Added one additional permanent heart container to the Dungeonmaster in the lobby
- Fixed issues with deathless win counter not incrementing and all characters flag staying set
- Made it so that old or broken mods will show an error message rather than crashing the game
- Added hint to the start of the Cadence/NecroDancer fight, as a lot of people get confused about how to open the door
- Made killing shopkeeper in codex not count for achievement
- Made multiplier not break when hitting walls after killing NecroDancer with Cadence
- Instead of question marks, added unlock hints for lobby NPCs the player hasn’t yet discovered
- Made Diamond Dealer a little easier to unlock by placing the glass key on 2-2
- Fixed bug where deleting your custom music folder would make custom music GUI not navigate properly on Mac + Linux.
- Added further anti-cheating measures for score runs and speedruns
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Mon May 25, 2015 8:34 pm

- Made Aria start with a potion, and made players not able to pick up a second potion if they already have one
- Add subtitle option for cutscenes
- The game is now localizable! You can make localization mods, but we’ll soon have official translations too
- Fixed some more replay desync issues
- Fixed some harpy and goblin bomber behaviors, especially while the player is phasing in a wall
- Fixed bug where coin multiplier would always be lost on Necrodancer music transition
- Made some changes that will hopefully solve problems for people who were experiencing gameplay stutters
- Added goblin sentries to zone 4 starting rooms if the player has no shovel
- fixed a couple instances where shrines were dropping unusable items for certain characters
- fixed bug where wraiths could appear right next to the player after picking up monocle/glass torch
- fixed issue where particle images would cause crash when loading a mod after having played
- fixed a couple instances where shrines were dropping unusable items for certain characters
- fixed issue where "you'll lose progress if you restart" popup wasn't working properly in deathless mode
- fixed bug where spells were disappearing at start of Necrodancer battle
- fixed bug where bomb switches were acting strangely after having bombed Necrodancer
- fixed bug where blunderbuss could become unloaded when entering boss rooms
- fixed bug where wraiths could appear right next to the player after picking up monocle/glass torch
- disallow traps from appearing in exit rooms
- allow Dorian to reload weapons in Necrodancer fight
- added ability to change cutscene videos with mods
- Slight tweak to description of transmute scroll
- Slight wording change on reassign keys screen, as some people weren’t realizing that they could switch to assign keys for player 2
- disable high scores when a mod is active that changes the music beat data
- fixed issue with hole in the wall in Melody Necrodancer battle
- Added more score cheat detection
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Thu May 28, 2015 3:05 pm

- Fixed bug where Coda was inheriting Aria’s potion
- Fixed issue where heart transplant would always cause missed beat
- Fixed bug with janitor not removing all versions of removed weapons
- Allowed kicked bombs to damage unseen enemies
- fixed issue where you could jump into other players or shopkeeper ghosts with boots of leaping
- fixed harpy, goblin bomber, and goblin sentry behaviour when player is phasing in walls
- fixed bug where all leaderboard entries were showing 'YES' for invalid replays
- fixed bug with flyaways appearing in the wrong place
- fixed bug where map and ring of shadows effects were persisting between deathless mode runs
- fixed bug where invalid items could spawn for characters right after unlocking them
- fixed issue where crown of teleportation would teleport players too far away in co-op mode
- fixed bug where Melody + Aria co-op would fight Necrodancer 2 at end of zone 4
- fixed bug where cutscenes could play after level editor levels
- fixed enter button behaviour on checkboxes
- fixed bug where quick restarting a codex level wiped diamonds
- made white skeletons unable to be lords
- made firetraps on sides of Golden Lute boss indestructible
- fixed level editor issues caused by localization
- made shrine of no return only affect player that activated it in co-op
- fixed localization crash on locked character flyaways
- Fixed bug where language localization folder wasn’t being found on Linux
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Fri May 29, 2015 4:12 pm

- Fixed crashed caused by bombs exploding off screen
- Slight tweaks to the example localization.xml file
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:20 pm

- Added "Collector's Edition" splash screen if you own the "Extras" DLC
- Make Golden Lute's head ignore knockback
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:56 am

  • Added new languages: Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian!
  • Made the game use the new languages by default, if Steam’s interface is using that language
  • Fix crash bug caused by player moving while 'submitting scores' is visible
  • Fixed bug where sarcophagi in level editor were preventing exits from unlocking in normal mode
  • Fixed crash on text inputs with numpad keys
  • Prevent hang caused by monstrous shopkeeper in replays
  • Fixed bug where localization offsets were being applied repeatedly in some cases
  • Added small 'DONE' to localization XML file
  • Fixed bug where certain text wouldn't reload after changing languages
  • Added xOff and yOff properties to subtitle XML file
  • Added scale param to localization file
  • added scale param to subtitles XML file
  • fixed some enemy name localization issues
  • Fixed bug where the language text was not offsetting properly in the language GUI
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Re: Change log

Postby Ryan Clark » Sun May 01, 2016 7:53 am

  • Two new playable soundtracks, by Virt and Girlfriend Records
  • Added new languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Other languages coming soon
  • Flicker shield spell the beat before it wears off
  • Fix bug where default character changed item generation
  • Remove diamond counter from modes that don't have diamonds
  • Change Yeti animation to more clearly show movement cycle
  • Bolt picking up thrown spear doesn't lose low%
  • Fix bug where Necrodancer phase 2 music sometimes didn't start
  • Play shopkeep ghost sound even when music volume is low
  • Call the ring slot "ring" in the HUD
  • Fix shield effect being invisible after falling through a trap door with shield active
  • Heart transplant now works when used on the first beat of the song
  • Don't fade molehill of frozen mole
  • Fix frozen animations to show beetle unshelling, skeleton knight dehorsing, skeleton beheading, Death Metal deshielding
  • Show armor changes while frozen
  • Fix eye color of some skeletons
  • Add glow effects to white sarcophagus silhouette
  • Aria doesn't regain low% when entering zone 1
  • Fix bug where confusion would re-occur when heart transplant wears off
  • Finish rendering weapon swipes after player picks up another weapon
  • Show throw swipes for both players in co-op
  • Make lobby torches look consistent on the minimap
  • When player teleports into shop, play shopkeeper song at full volume
  • Make shopkeeper singing full volume when bombing into shop
  • Set zone 3 volume correctly when banshee dies
  • Add red knight swipe
  • Fixed early beat bar hit visual when boss song loops
  • Make white chest mimic available in level editor
  • Fix blue chest mimic becoming red chest mimic in level editor
  • Fix misaligned weapon glow sprites
  • Bolt practice, level editor kc1 has blue bats instead of red
  • Don't apply localization scale to non-localized text
  • Fix spacing of scaled localized text
  • Hide secret shop speech when NPC is aggroed or dead
  • Fix Dove unlocking Story Mode 1-1 exit stairs
  • Remove player minimap dot when player in secret shop
  • Fix minimap going offscreen with two spells
  • Make "always show enemy hearts" not reveal cauldron mimics
  • Added Jeweled Dagger to weaponmaster (edit: after picking it up during a run)
  • Fix mod menu selection order
  • Don't show unlock splashscreens during a replay
  • Make monstrous cracked shop wall dark too
  • Remove obsolete unlockable second action slot
  • Fix large seed parsing so that they are not rounded
  • Print large seeds as positive numbers instead of negative
  • Don't allow playing seed -1 (change it to seed 0) to avoid strange behavior
  • Faster item pool generation for mods
  • Mode stairs in char select area now prompt & take diamonds
  • Diamond prompt now doesn't cancel the second prompt (where applicable)
  • Fix "SONG ENDED!" in Japanese localization, which wasn't displaying
  • When game paused, pause sounds of shopkeep ghost, banshee
  • Detect audio cheating for Necrodancer 1 phase 2
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