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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:05 pm

  • Added new languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean
  • Fix banshee deafen effect not ending in 3-4 trap door room
  • Fix banshee deafen effect not ending with custom music
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:29 am

2017-01-23: 2.33
- Fix intermittent crash when playing Bard on a level beyond song beat count
- Smart intro selection: show new intro to returning players, but not to new players until they beat Cadence
- Don't start player as Nocturna if they haven't yet unlocked zone 2 with Cadence
- Only show blinking new label for zone 5 if player is considered experienced (has seen Nocturna intro)
- Update example localization XML; apply tags in-game
- Remove the zone 4 no-shovel goblin sentries, especially for bat form; they aren't needed anymore because you can dig
- Don't crash on startup when default mod has an invalid character spritesheet
- Add DLC weapons to the weaponmaster
- Add Metrognome to bossmaster
- Update replay version to 77
- Allow bumping walls in bat form without dropping multiplier
- Remove piercing from Warhammer. It makes the game too easy.
- Make 5-1 shopkeeper a little less loud
- Music: final Danny B 5-x; A_Rival 5-x, FM; OCR 3-1c
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:42 pm

2017-01-23: 2.34
- Disable an audio option that isn't implemented yet
- Remove not-yet-implemented shopkeep familiar from lobby NPCs
- Change weaponmaster layout to not overlap item names when they are turned on
- Korean localization for Amplified (work in progress)
- Show powered outline around player when powered by wire
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:57 pm

2017-01-27: 2.35

New content:
- Localizations: Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese
- Enemy: earth dragon
- Item: shopkeep familiar
- Item: ring of piercing
- Subtitles for opening cutscene

- Give rat familiar piercing
- Ice spirit: don't hit enemies that require phasing damage (burrowed moles & fmole, unactivated mimics)
- Blood shrine also grants blood shovel (in addition to the blood weapon) on the ground
- Blood shrine only damages your red hearts, not your cursed hearts
- Reduce frequency of electric zombies in single zone mode
- Zone 5 overlay skip certain categories of enemy: sarcophagi, closets, wraiths
- Nocturna exit bat form also grant 2 ibeats
- Change Zone 5 overlay enemy selection to force more variety of types (reduces excessive skull swarms)
- Monk/Coda: don't spawn wall gold
- Minor updates to Korean localization

- Fix these to not work in bat form: flail knockback, ring of frost, gold weapon gold bonus
- Fix: in bat form, never show weapon glows (for blood & gold weapons)
- Fortissimole: at boss end, enemies don't drop gold except for monk & gold weapons; late spawns don't drop gold even for monk & gold weapons to prevent infinite gold
- Fix kc5/fm5 always being last by generating floor seeds using a better algorithm
- Bat form fixes: new armor shouldn't protect; new torches shouldn't illuminate
- Fix crash when double-tapping beats after boss song has looped
- Fix base game crashes from dlc save data: deprecate diamond dealer attributes, pending spawn attributes
- Fix crash on unexpected default character entry in save xml
- Bump version of default character attribute to fix base game forwards compatibility crash
- Fix gameplay options menu crash when save data default character is invalid
- War shrine don't make tar balls, since tar balls are intentionally disabled
- Fix bug where if Nocturna is default character, player would gain Transform spell when starting ND1 boss
- Fix crash when accessing gameplay options menu while in bat form
- Dorian FM4: replace the blademasters with harpies (as is done in KC4)
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:29 pm

2017-01-27: 2.36
- Temporarily disable earth dragon, pending fixing stair-overwriting bug
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Sat Jan 28, 2017 2:17 pm

2017-01-28: 2.37
- Re-enable new Earth Dragon miniboss
- Earth Dragon fixes: don't overwrite stairs; remove walls on death; ring of peace demotes
- Add Earth Dragon to bossmaster
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:43 pm

2017-02-01: 2.38
- New item: Electric Dagger
- New item: Battle Shovel

- Localizations: German, Italian, Spanish
- Minor updates to other localizations
- FamilyJules remasters of original game tracks
- Replace OCR 3-2 cold with a version fixing harmony with shopkeep
- Update example localization XML with tags for recent text changes; tag texts in code

- Earth dragon: update art; 8 health; wall raising changed to behind player, catacomb strength, permanent
- Raise Axe occurrence chances to be similar to that of Rapier
- Make frost dagger a little more likely to find in high level chests, since it's better than in original game
- z5 level gen: extend the wire into the entry room
- Change axe to only dash if player didn't already move (matters for warlocks), for consistency with rapier
- Ring of Wonder: only grant full heart the first time you pick it up
- z5 level gen: omit trapdoors on 5-3 (fixes lack of melody trap door room in nd2 boss); reduce freq of 5-x trapdoors
- Rewrite glass shop spawn logic to not spawn glass jaw & to spawn glass slippers more often than previously

- Fix shop wall mimic showing its teeth when far away
- Fix slight misoffset of the zone 5 beatfiles (50ms each)
- Adjust start times of OCR 5-x tracks to match the fixed beatfiles
- Fix Dove to count one of her hearts as the ring of peace's bonus heart (so ring swap doesn't give extra heart)
- Fix Shovels of Courage & Strength being overwritten by crystal shovel
- Fix: remove ring of phasing from lobby NPCs
- Fix: glass shrine don't change dorian's boots to glass slippers
- Perf: Slightly speed up rendering by reducing allocations and faster sorting
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:02 pm

2017-02-02: 2.39
- Fix infinite-combos-per-beat bug; also fixes a replay desync that occurred when using combos offbeat
- Add electric dagger to weaponmaster in lobby
- Remove battle shovel from item pool of characters who can't use bonus damage
- Don't spawn riches scroll in boss chests
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:22 am

2017-02-08: 2.40

- New item: Heavy Glass Armor
- Add all Cutlass materials, with rarities same as bow

- Electric dagger: direct hit damage 2; combo with wire for 2 arc damage
- Make boots of leaping more common in the places it appears (crates, locked shops)
- Reduce dove familiar spawn rates a bit
- Don't spawn dove familiar for dove (it's too powerful)
- Determine the success/fail outcomes from chance shrine by the run seed
- Luck items: instead of changing general item spawns, improve crate quality
- Ring of mana: remove cooldown bonus; add greater versions of bomb (inf dmg), heal (heal 1), earth (radius 2)
- Cursed wraith: when hitting player, curse all hearts and vanish
- z5 level gen: bias exit stair location within exit room to be far from player
- Allow phasing damage to destroy green gorgon statues (which includes earth spell, metrognome telefrag, etc)
- Give ring of courage 10 durability (still infinite durability in single zone modes)
- Courage takes priority over cutlass parry
- Reduce freeze spell durations to 6 (lesser, was 8 ) and 12 (greater, was 16)
- Shrine of Peace: reduce downside to replacing weapon with dagger; reduce upside to +1 heart (was +2)
- Make weapon throws do piercing damage
- Make Warhammer rarity similar to Bow, because of its high ease of use

- Fix crash when loading Fortissimole boss intro with Spanish & German localizations
- Melody fix: make wire electric arcing work for her lute attack
- Fix Fortissimole visual to actually show the silhouette instead of using the wrong animation frames
- Recover from invalid cloud save by dumping it and starting fresh
- Indicate in the log clearly when game crashes due to missing (or damaged) image file
- More graceful error handling when failing a DirectX image load
- Fix glass shop to only ever spawn a weapon in the 3rd spot, not glass slippers
- Fix boss intro fast-forwarding bug by making the game also pause when losing focus during boss intro
- Fix Blunderbuss showing up from transmutes for invalid characters (Melody, Aria, etc.)
- Dove familiar fix: don't teleport enemies on boss levels (fixes some strange behaviors)
- Scatter trap: don't scatter Melody's lute and Dove's flower
- Bat fix: when some directions are blocked, select randomly from remaining directions without bias
- Fix darkness and peace shrines in bat form: darkness should remove your ring and torch, and peace should preserve your ring of peace
- Transform spell: only 1 copy in co-op; lock into first spell slot for Nocturna (for hotkey stability)
- Remove strength shovel from pool of characters that can't use damage bonuses (such as melody)
- Fix warhammer priority to be the same as broadsword for the far hit
- Electric dagger: make player glow; damage electric zombies
- Fix Dead Ringer gong destruction being blocked by familiar
- Battle shovel don't activate from opening doors
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Re: Change log

Postby blueblimp » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:21 am

2017-02-09: 2.41
- Fix infinite durability bug in single zone mode (includes heavy glass armor)
- Ring of Courage: revert durability
- Ring of Courage: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Ring of Courage: don't spawn on 1-1
- Ring of Courage: mention invulnerability in item hint
- Ring of Courage: flicker when invulnerable
- Ring of Courage: remove +1 damage
- Ring of Piercing: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Allow weaponless characters to again find shovel of strength
- Put freeze durations back to 8 and 16
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