Worst deaths in roguelikes?

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Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby LaDestitute » Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:23 pm

I suppose CotN could be counted here if you wish for your post, but Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac come off of the top of my head.

Worst Death #1
I saw Anubis on a The Temple run (with a jetpack at the time) and panicked. Ended up flying into a crevice that was one tile wide between the right side indestructible wall and a tiki trap. With Anubis homing in on me, every time i tried to fly out, I would get knocked out by the tiki trap until I died.

Worst Death #2
I got to the Jungle on a run, and it was one of those 'can't see shit' levels. My starting point was above a deep pit. My initial thought was "Going to jump, what could go wrong?"...exactly. Jumped, got killed by a maneater IMMEDIATELY. In the bloody pitch 'i can't see shit' black darkness.

Worst Death #3
Died one time in the caves. Very early death, almost stupid like. I stood there staring at my death screen for a couple of seconds. I hear this rumbling sound. What the hell? Next thing I know, a boulder out of nowhere comes rolling through, turning my Spelunker's corpse into paste. Yeah, no bombs used or tnt crates or anything triggered. Weird.

The Binding of Isaac:
Worst Death #1
I picked up The Box as a reward from a boss on the first floor. Didn't get any health pickups that floor, so I had base minimum max hearts. What was the bomb item? A fucking mega troll bomb and I was still in the "item get!" frames.
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Best records:
Isaac (The Cathedral with Cain)
Spelunky (N/A)
CotN (N/A)
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Lamia » Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:41 pm

I've played a ton of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, my worst being

- easily, the top worst would be where the first room on a floor being a monster house where 5+ pokemon have icy wind/silver wind/earthquake/earth power/etcetera (for those of you who haven't played the series, these attacks do damage to your whole party from anywhere in the current room) worse is when the silver wind buff procs to make them faster so they can use it AGAIN
- warp trap teleports you right into a cluster of enemies
- accidentally using a Trawl Orb without checking to see of there's a kecleon shop first

I'm sure there's a lot worse that I can't quite remember at the moment
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Lizardead » Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:46 pm

Once in Don't Starve I got struck by lightning during frog rain and a hound attack. Needless to say I died.
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby MrYosh » Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:38 pm

Also in PMD, I got killed by Requiem two tiles away from the stairs of the last floor. I never picked up the game again.

In Necrodancer, I got cornered by 4 enemies while playing Dove and, since I couldn't attack, I watched as they slowly emptied my health bar, made me drink my potion, then killed me a second time. I had 6 full hearts. I counted, it took 24 attacks (Chainmail made me take only 1/2 heart of damage), 48 beats, 6 8-beat sentences for them to kill me. That was painfully slow.
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Nathaniel » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:55 pm

I've had some pretty depressing defeats in FTL, but I still remember the first time I got to the Rebel flagship on hard. I had Stealth Cruiser and had picked up a few good chance items throughout the playthrough, and I had a drone system with Defense II and Hull Repair drones. I made it through the first and second phases after some hard work, but I repaired the hull back to maximum and went after it for the third phase.

If you've ever played FTL and gotten to the end, you'll know that the ship has a ten-hit Zoltan shield that it can regenerate every so often. Well I didn't have much in the way of firepower - I had a really good defensive build, but that didn't matter since I couldn't do any real damage. First I ran out of missiles, then it was just me postponing my death as kept fixing the hull until I ran out of drones. Everyone on my ship actually died from O2 deprivation due to all the hull breaches.

It was a very sad day.
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Connorses » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:11 pm

Any time I died in Don't Starve. God I suck at that game.

Also FTL deaths tend to be slow and painful in general.

May as well bring up the online version of Captain Forever, too, that's a fun one.

I was trying to practice Zone 4 and I killed 2 or 3 enemies and then accidentally hit the up and down arrows at the same time and threw my dagger behind me. It hit a statue, and rested on the same square as said statue. I set off the statue which turned out to be a bomb trap, and it blew up my dagger. I died weaponless.

I recently got curious and tried a Mac port of NetHack. I got into some kind of trap where I couldn't move and died after many turns of being stuck. I guess I was paralyzed and had no possible moves I could have used, because it advanced a bunch automatically. The console was filled with so many messages that I couldn't scroll up far enough to determine what exactly had trapped me. I was not excited to try that game again. Too many super-awkward commands and menus for it to be worth the time.

I also tried one called Brogue which is actually really friendly about explaining stuff you see so you won't feel compelled to look up the gritty details on a wiki. It's free, go try it. :L I like it a lot although I die frequently and sometimes hilariously. The eels in the water may be my greatest nemesis. I've also been cornered by giant worms, killed by various traps set up to guard keys, and swarmed by endlessly multiplying jellies, but the award for WORST BROGUE DEATH EVER: I got caught in a net trap and was then killed by my ally from the next square. I was trying to wriggle free (which is done by repeatedly trying to move any direction) and I think the game decided I told it to attack my ally, so they turned on me. I'm not sure if that would be considered a bug in the programming or what.
Some potions are meant to be thrown weapons that release a cloud of deadly gas or fire or something. If you don't know what they do you can learn through trial-and-error but it's possible you will be poisoned or you'll spontaneously combust.
There are some neat cursed items in Brogue. Always look for identify scrolls or detect magic items so you don't equip a curse! One time I got a cursed runic armor that had a random chance of spontaneously combusting when it was hit. At least I took my opponent out with me.
EDIT: Mystery Dungeon is a roguelike!? I had no idea there was a pokemon roguelike!! --dfiahjlsdfkzx--
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Connorses » Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:13 pm

Nuclear Throne:
Got all the way to the Palace and got pulled into a portal before I could get a rad canister. Two levels in a row. Then I died because Horror appeared and got me with the beam (he appears if you pass up the big canister that appears after you miss a small canister). I even knew it was coming and it STILL sucked. :L
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Re: Worst deaths in roguelikes?

Postby Zraak » Tue May 26, 2015 5:39 pm

Gor (a game from 1989 made by Edmund Egyed):
Using a teleport scroll on the first floor ending up trapped inside the wall.
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