[SOLVED] How to change names?

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[SOLVED] How to change names?

Postby TMMMm » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:17 am

Hello everyone! This is my very first post, so I thought I should say hello first.

I really like Crypt of the NecroDancer, so I thought I'd make a skin for the game. This will obviously change a lot of the characters and items. I know you can edit the .XML files to change the item names, but this doesn't seem to work for changing the characters' names. I'm wondering if it is even possible, and if it is, how one would do it. I just thought it would be a nice touch, but I don't want to waste an afternoon trying to do something I can't.

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Edit: Wow. This page got more than 20 views but not a single response! :D I guess people thought this was a guide or something, since the title doesn't make it clear that it's a question. Sorry about that. Anyway, I read somewhere else that it isn't possible, so I guess my problem's solved.

Edit 2: I found some PNG files for the text in game, under the "languages/localisation" folder. Unfortunately, I cannot find the English files anywhere. Oh well. I guess changing the names IS possible, I'll just have to make up a fictional language to do it! :D
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