Two things are still incredibly irritating

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Two things are still incredibly irritating

Postby LTK » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:48 am

One: Moles that burrow through tiles with gold on them destroy the gold and don't drop it when they die, unlike warlocks, which will swap places with you on death but always teleport the gold along with them. Usually there's nothing I can do but watch a pile of precious gold vanish because there's two or three enemies in addition to the mole that prevent me from picking it up before the ground gobbles it up.

Two: Elementals that walk over tiles with portals on them destroy the portal. Again, there's not much I can do about this because elementals burrow through walls and when they happen to pass by a wall with a portal in it, they will first break it and then walk over it, usually before they've even come into view. For that reason it took a long time before I even noticed it happened. Once I did, it was even more galling to watch one of those elementals step on a portal that I hadn't even had a chance to reach yet.

It might not happen all the time, but aggravates me every time it does. Could this behaviour please be changed?
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