Hard Mode Balancing

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Hard Mode Balancing

Postby donutlover9 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:48 pm

Hard mode feels like a new game, and I love it to bits when I play the game normally. But if I try hard mode bard low% for an hour and can't get past zone 1, I start to question if it's well-balanced.

Bard Low% would mean dagger only but you can think about what you're going to do - ideally, the game would be completely possible to do this way unless you git hit by a huge swarm or something.
However, every room in hard mode becomes a forever swarm, even after you leave the room to go to the next one, and you're forced to fight 2 minibosses in a small space with a monkey factory constantly running behind you. I can only imagine what Aria is like - I'm too scared to try.

Having more than 1 damage and more than 1 range certainly helps, and I think it's balanced when you have a weapon other than the base dagger, but it shouldn't be necessary.

Also, when you get to a boss such as Coral Riff or Deep Blues or King Conga, you kind of have to focus on killing the boss enemies as they come to you, so you are forced to leave the minibosses that spawn until afterwards, so they just attack you the whole time and you have to dodge them and try not to get backed into a corner. Maybe the bosses are supposed to be really hard, but I at least want some way to practice the bosses with minibosses in the room. The level editor doesn't let you, there's no special training room for it, and you have to do All Zones mode to do hard mode in the first place, so you have to actually get to the bosses to practice them once.
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Re: Hard Mode Balancing

Postby carsonist » Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:24 pm

Completely agreed.

My biggest problem is the infinite spawning monkeys, it gets real tough to push forward when you have to pay the monkey tax every few turns.
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