new shrines

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new shrines

Postby vonflare » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:07 pm

did some testing with the new shrines:

Boss shrine: looks like 2 skulls. activating it will give you a choice between three good items, and there will be 2 bosses on every floor. before activation, bomb for cheese. After activation, bomb for strength charm.

Pain Shrine: Looks like a spiky torture coffin thing. To activate it, take damage beside it! You get a random item each time you activate it. Before activation, bomb for cheese. if you activate it 5 times, you will instead get ring of courage!

Uncertainty shrine: looks like a head with a question mark. activating gives you a random weapon, but it doesn't tell you what weapon you got. you can't get throwing weapons or loaded weapons, however you can transmogrify it into one, and if you do it will reveal it in the 'throw' or 'load' icon. Before activation, bomb for holster. After activation, bomb for holster.
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Re: new shrines

Postby AndroFox » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:04 am

I did some testing with the Shrine of Pain and it doesn't seem to react to miscellaneous forms of damage.
I'm left to believe this is a bug and will be fixed soon.

The Shrine of Pain activates if you:

- are directly hit by an enemy;
- take damage from standing on hot coals;
- take damage from a Goblin Bomber;
- take damage from a bomb trap;
- step on a Spike Trap;
- take damage from a bomb Gargoyle;
- take damage from an exploding mushroom;

The Shrine of Pain DOES NOT activate if you:

- take damage with a Blood Shovel;
- use Blood Drum;
- pick up Boots of Pain;
- pick up Crown of Thorns;
- pick up Ring of Pain;
- use Blood Magic;
- take damage from your own bomb;
- take damage from Sloth (Shrine of Pace)

Anyways, I wonder how does the boss shrine act in custom made levels. Does it even spawn a second miniboss at all?
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Re: new shrines

Postby SinancoTheBest » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:56 pm

"spiky torture coffin thing" lol :P Yea, it looks like what they call "Iron Maiden" torture device, which is an outstanding idea for the design of such a shrine, kudos to the designer team. It is almost like a reverse shrine of sacrifice. Just like Shrine of sacrifice, it can also be activated instantly when you take damage from a miniboss, which provides you a choice from three different glass weapons instead. I noticed that while it does not react to most forms of miscellaneous damage, it still gets activated when you take damage from the "no turning back curse" thingy
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Re: new shrines

Postby h11471392085 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:10 am

it is also activated by taking damage from missing a beat with shrine of rhythm active.
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