Dorian and Warhammer-based ideas

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Dorian and Warhammer-based ideas

Postby StoryEdge » Wed May 03, 2017 7:02 am

Okay; so sort of a pair of things I wanted to suggest ideas for. First, I think it would be freaking awesome if Dorian could start with a Warhammer, both in the first Necrodancer fight and his gameplay (I was always bummed that he lost that awesome Dead Ringer mallet he had in the cutscenes in favor of a dinky dagger or whatever spawns in the Necrodancer fight). (I know this would probably be OP, maybe removing the innate Ring of Might would even it out some, I think most players would be cool with that trade if it came to that, and the other part of this post might make it less OP)

The other part of this post is two ideas for tweaks to the Warhammer that would make it less OP and maybe more interesting (though it is a blast to use now), and might warrant making it less rare. (Note, both these ideas are kinda pulled together from stuff I've heard on forums, both about Dorian and the Warhammer).

First idea, make the Warhammer need to be "readied" before swinging. This would work much like the rifle in that you have to tap the "reload" key or key combo the beat before attacking (though the Warhammer would only prep one strike instead of up to three). And it could still be used for a quick hit in melee, like how you can still hit with an unloaded projectile weapon in melee. This would make for a fun and fairly unique mechanic with the Warhammer, having to think ahead a little to make use of its massive reach and also not being able to rapid-fire through crowds. (Also, if this idea were adopted, it would be SO awesome if Dorian used some of Dead Ringer's grunting and shouting sound effects when he readies and swings the hammer)

The other idea is that the square right in front of you takes full damage while the "splash" squares only take half. I don't know how simple or difficult this one would be to code though. I assume the first idea would be relatively easy seeing as we already have multiple similar weapons.

So yeah, it would be really cool if any of these ideas made it in, I'd especially love to see Dorian with his hammer back Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!

One last note, I heard the Warhammer used to do piercing damage, I don't know if either or both of these nerfs would be strong enough to allow that back that would be cool. Maybe with the second idea only the square right in front takes piercing since that's where the brunt of the impact is? Idk, that's just a small note. The first two things in this post (Dorian hammer and delayed swing hammer) are the main things I was hoping for.
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