Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Want to suggest that we add something new to the game? Do it here!

Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby Arachness » Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:58 pm

We're getting ready to start making the NecroDancer DLC, and we would like to have your input on it! If you would like to see something included, post it in the thread.

The categories of suggestions we're looking for are:
- Zone theme
- New character
- New items (weapon, armor, charms, food, usable items, spell, scroll, shovel, head item, foot item, torch, ring, etc)
- New hidden shop types
- New shrines
- New traps
- A new terrain type
- Enemy movement patterns
- Final boss
- Miniboss movement patterns
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby LonestarF1 » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:12 pm

Weapon: Hammer
Range: 1
Special: Blast 1 AoE from the point of impact. AoE doesn't damage flyers? Makes sense to me!
- Perhaps the AoE needs to be charged first? Similar to the Drums?
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby wilarseny » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:14 pm

Here's a list of suggestions the CoNDOR racing community put together over the past week, in its raw, unedited glory:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Qk ... IIxtdBmnN4

Note: this is very long. There are some memes contained inside. But we felt it was worth posting the entirety of the document just in case something we might think is bad becomes the kernel of a good idea in Necrodancer Staff's minds - and in any case, we felt like the vast majority of things contained inside were at least decent, or were reflective of a problem identified in the game that we would like to see addressed in the DLC, whether through our suggestions or someone else's. Also, many of the contributors to that document may be posting their own edited versions of things in that document in the coming days.

List of contributors that I know of: JackofGames, Oblivion, Invertttt, Incnone, Blueblimpsc, wilarseny, Mudjoe2, Pancelor, FyonFyon, Paratroopa, Arboretic, Medi Knight, Amak, and likely a handful more who I'm forgetting.

Thanks for opening this up, Arach!
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby p00rleno » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:22 pm

Copypasting an idea of mine from the Discord,

Bad Enemy idea: Spooky skellington tag-team, front guy has a 2dmg shield in the front but no attack, his job is to protect rapier guy who follows him for an attack. One of the two advances each beat. If shieldguy dies, rapier guy takes 1 turn rest (regardless of who moved last) then gets to move each beat. Rapier guy dying leaves shield guy with nothing to do, so he drops the shield and can punch for 1/2 heart damage, but still only moves every other beat.
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby Falloftheliving » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:22 pm

Zone theme
Angels and demons, enter coda's relm.

Secret shop type
Cross the random shrine with the monkey's junk heap.
Throw your items one by one in, chance at a better item or to proc a curse or junk heap monster to spawn.

new trap

Deep water,
fall in this darker shade of water similar to a trapdoor
Enter a flooded boss room if you have not bested the floor boss.
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby CutmanMike » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:24 pm

- Dice Trap

All enemies transform into random different enemies from all zones. Regular monsters should transform into different regular monsters and minibosses should transform into different minibosses (maybe regular monsters could transform into minibosses if you feel the effect needs to be stronger). That harmless room full of bats suddenly gets a lot scarier after you've stepped on one of these. :suggestive
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby Oblivion » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:25 pm

ITS HAPPENING. Here are the ideas I've brewed up that seem worthy. It's a brick wall of text, sorry people.

- Zone theme
I'm getting a castle/medieval vibe when I think about it. Not really sure why. Something eldritch/other dimensional seems pretty neat too.
A lot of my ideas are centered around knights, spike traps, archers etc. Sort of like a final assault on something.

- New character

Indiana BONES (More of a challenge character):
Starts with a whip and it cannot be replaced.
Has a hat which cannot be replaced. The hat does nothing but it looks quite nice.
If he gets hit he drops the hat and you can’t exit the level without it or attack.

Blademaster-esq Character
Starts with a Base rapier, holster, parrying dagger, and ring of might.
Cannot equip a new weapon or pick up other items that replace holster.

- New items (weapon, armor, charms, food, usable items, spell, scroll, shovel, head item, foot item, torch, ring, etc)
Use Items:

Dynamite: One time use, when activated readies a throw. Throws a dynamite stick 3 squares in the direction chosen by player. The blast is the same strength and radius as Necrodancer’s bomb spell.

Mana Drum: Permanent item. Expends 1(½?) heart to use the spell on the next beat as if it were being cast with Ring of Mana. (might make food too good, but this also adds to the use of the backpacks, making them that much stronger)

Mana Potion: One time use, recharges all spells.

Sacrificial Drum: Permanent item. Recharges every 10(15? 20?) kills. When activated gives the player infinite damage (and maybe even invulnerability!?) for the next beat.

Acid Flask: One time use, either a throwable that goes 2 tiles forward (direction chosen by player after using) or instant active around the player (if hotkey is hit twice consecutively). Deals 1(Maybe 2 to make it super useful) damage that pierces armor and doubles all damage taken by the creature’s who are hit.

New Spells/Scrolls

Quake Spell: Does 1dmg in a AoE around player but pierces(or phasing dmg) Also does 1 damage to walls.

Static Spell: While active deals 1 damage to enemies around you every beat. Last 3 beats. 20 kill recharge. Armored enemies (Skeletons with Shields, Blademasters, Beetles etc.) are pushed away.

Enchant Spell: increases your weapon damage by X for a certain amount of beats. (Fairly boring but sort of useful, maybe have it add an effect to the weapon when used like Frost/Piercing/Phasing/War etc)


New type of weapon: Rough -> Refined -> Flawless
This type of weapon gains damage as it is used more. It starts as a 1 damage weapon and evolves to 2 damage and later 3 damage with more kills (Probably a large enough amount to not make it super good for speed, I'm thinking 25 for the first upgrade and 50 or 75 for the second.)

Hammers: Possible full tiered weapon (Titanium, Obsidian etc.).If not readied(throw key), attacks like a dagger. When readied, attacks like a 2 range broadsword, hitting everything in the area and destroys tier 1 walls.

Axes: Possible full tiered weapon (Titanium, Obsidian etc.) Attacks in a upside-down T shape from the player (Longsword x Broadsword at 2 range) When attacking at the max range, moves the player forward one square.

Lances: Possible full tiered weapon (Titanium, Obsidian etc.) Attacks like a spear normally. When readied(throw key) attacks as a 3 Range weapon that moves the player forward when they attack.

Parrying Dagger: 3 damage dagger. When readied(throw key) makes the player invulnerable to damage but only physical attacks.
Has a cooldown that goes down by landing successful attacks (probably 2 or 3). This encourages actual play by forcing the player to hit things in order to use the item’s effect
Hazards, Fireballs, Explosions, (potentially Klappas, Mushrooms, and enemies similar to them) would not be able to be parried.
A successful parry in this way pushes the monster back one square. When used with the holster, immediately comes out with parry active.

Tele-Dagger: 2 damage(maybe piercing?) dagger. When thrown, the first enemy killed by it is where the player will teleport, immediately picking it up.

Flame Longsword/Dagger: deals 1 damage (similar to frost dagger) but applies a burning effect on the target that last for 2 beats, dealing 1 damage each beat that pierces(and stacks?).
enemies hit with fireball while burning are killed instantly. possibly acts as a torch +1 or add +1 to torch.


Glass Slippers: prevent status effects (freeze, confusion,etc) and are goo boots. Stepping on a spike trap would break them over taking damage. Would come from glass shrine if you had boots as well. break on hit.


Blast Ring: Increases explosion radius by 1 and gives immunity to explosions. Gives a bomb on pickup.


Spelunker Torch : +1 Torch that reveals barrels, chests, and crates. (Doesn’t show contents, only locations within walls etc.)

Blood Torch: +3 Torch that reduces to +2 at half health (rounded up) and +1 at .5 hearts. Blood shrine would automatically convert your torch to this.

Earthen Torch: +1 Torch that increases by +1 with each consecutive dig, maxes out at +3. Falls off by 1 each beat back down to +1.


Mana Charm: increase the damage/effect of all spells by 1 and duration by 1.
Charm of Sustenance: Increases health gain from food by .5 -O
Charm of Brilliance: Increases torch radius by +1. -O

- New hidden shop types

Fortune Teller:
Pay money to reveal upcoming contents of the game(each can be used multiple times, which transition to the next floor/zone) The cost would go up dramatically with a pretty steep starting price in comparison to other shops.
Next boss
Next exit/One Floor Map (Possibly even current)
Next boss chest of a chosen color(or possibly just makes all 3 visible when you get there)
Next Secret Shop location(certain one possibly chosen by player)
Next Shrine Location (Tells the player the exact Zone/Floor and shows shrine type)
Killing the Fortune Teller drops a Crystal Ball, which with a one-time use reveals the next boss AND all of the items in the upcoming boss chests AND the current floor’s exit(or one floor map probably).

Explosives Dealer:
Sells 2 different types of bomb counts. One bomb for 50g, 3 for 150g and 5 for 250g. (The 5x bomb can ONLY be found within his shop.)
Potentially sells Dynamite, a use item suggestion.
Killing him drops a Blast Ring, a ring suggestion.

- New traps

New Wall Type: Wind Wall (Dig Level 1).
Pushes the player away from it like a wind gargoyle. This affects players with phasing in the wall.

Wall Type: Obelisk (Dig Level 1 or Permanent).
Every other beat, gives every non-giant enemy within a 2 or 3 radius a shield until they leave the radius. This shield is destroyed with 1 hit. They usually spawn in the middle of a room when generated.
This may appear in every boss room, who knows

Wall Type: Spiked Wall (Dig Level 3 or Permanent)
Every 2 beats the wall will activate and become a hazard itself and to all cardinal directions next to it.

Spring Pad Trap: propels the player 2 tiles in a set direction

- A new terrain type

Spike tiles (like in Legend of Zelda or something) that alternate activity every beat.
deal 1 heart (2) damage if stepped on or on top of when activating.

Cracked Floor Tiles. After standing or stepping on them enough times, they break and reveal a hazard beneath them that acts as water/tar but the player takes damage entering it.

- Enemy movement patterns

Pikeman “Spearit”
Is always holding a shield up, and only vulnerable after it charges forward (2 or 3 tiles) Only charges with player in range, gives player 1 beat to react like Dead Ringer.
Moves every 2 beats like a normal skeleton (Might be better as a miniboss)

Skeleton archers (prime shots like a dragon primes a fireball, but maybe not as often and at a much shorter range).
could maybe be stationary like a mushroom, but tracks the player in cardinal directions trying to fire

- Final boss
A Zone Boss idea: Ballet Hell
The boss is a demon or devil (maybe a ghost?) ballet dancer.
I’m picturing a chubby demon in a pink tutu.
Player enters the boss room and it is a stage. The area behind the entrance becomes a crowd populated with various skeletons, zombies and other creatures (zone dependant).
The major aspect to this fight is to fight the boss while dodging incoming projectiles, which fly across the stage in various directions, moving a tile every beat with preset patterns. The projectiles have 1 hit point and can be hit and destroyed, but only in phase 2 (this may be too inconsistent and confusing for the player and yes they drop gold on Monk Kappa).
The ballet dancer has 9 health across all variations. (this is to prevent glass rapier trivializing the fight entirely.)
For damage values, the projectiles could be scaled to: 2/3/3/4/4. The ballet dancer could deal: 4/5/5/6/6 in charge phase (else 3 damage)
In the first phase the player dances with the ballet dancer, which mirrors the player’s moves like a clone. This is while the projectiles are flying on the stage (hence ballet hell) There are walls place on the stage to help aid the player in hitting the ballet dancer. When hit the second phase begins. The ballet dancer takes no damage from this, unless the player does phasing damage.
In the second phase the walls go down and the ballet dancer rushes at the player similar to a minotaur charge. The player must hit the ballet dancer during the charge to deal damage to them. At the end of a charge the ballet dancer will teleport to a random edge of the stage and charge again. There are still projectiles flying across the stage. After being hit the ballet dancer teleports and begins charging again until reduced to 5 hit points, at which point the final phase begins.
In the final phase the crowd is in an uproar and begins to enter the stage from various directions (different enemies based on zone.) The projectiles stop and the ballet dancer moves away from the player every other beat (diagonally if possible, similar to Deep Blues phase 1, also maybe every 3 beats instead of 2 to make it faster). Each hit on the ballet dancer has more of the “crowd” enter from the sides of the stage.

- Miniboss movement patterns

“Darth Mahler” a Flail Knight. Is two separate entities, one rotates around the one in the center. Can only be damaged by knocking the flail ball back into the knight.
it was the best pun i could find don’t hurt me
probably moves like a dragon, but the flail circles every beat.

Two-Headed Dragon “Diatonic Scale”.
Shoots fire like a Red dragon if capable
Breathes frost like a Blue dragon if capable (this out prioritizes fireball)
The dragon will attempt to Fireball frozen targets over stepping on them? (might be too scary)
Is essentially a red dragon for everything else(health, damage, movement).

Giant Spooky Tree “Timbre”
6 Health, does 2 hearts (4 damage)
Moves every 4 beats. Can move diagonally.
attacks likes a Klappa when it moves, but also roots(like freeze) player for 2 beats if they are hit.

Giant Snake/Worm
A multi-segmented Mini-boss that moves like a conga line (probably 3 segments long) Maybe an upgraded version with 4 segments later.
Has 3 health, and deals 2 hearts (4 damage)
Can only be hit by damaging an exposed part on its tail(last segment), or with piercing or phasing damage.
Each destroyed segment deals 1 damage to the snake and makes the snake shorter until it has one hit point left, at which point it moves (just the head) every beat but is vulnerable to all attacks.
knocking back a segment knocks back the whole snake

Tentacle Monster
Moves every 3 beats, creates eldritch goop where it moves from, this causes the player to take additional damage while on it (+2 damage).
Has 6 health.
Can reach the player 2 tiles away, and if on the beat it moves the player is there it tries to grab the player and pull it to them, which deals 1 heart (2 damage) and moves the player in front of the monster(essentially a damaging 2 range wind spell).
Yes this can hit the player through enemies, but it damages the other target.
If the player is hit by this attack while right next to the monster it deals 3 hearts (6 damage)

Eyeball “See-Flat (See-Sharp, See-Natural etc)” -O
Moves every 1 beat, pursuing the player.
Has 5 health(might need 6 to prevent easy low% kills).
Deals 3 hearts (6 damage) with a melee attack.
Acquires the player from 5 squares away attempting to laser them, which stretches the whole map (similar to wall pig) This deals 2.5 hearts (5 damage) This has a 2 beat cooldown like a dragon, but the Eyeball stays in place when it uses this.
Is knocked back on hit
When its health is reduced to 3 or fewer, it turns into a mouth and chases the player relentlessly, this allows it to move diagonally but it no longer tries to laser the player. (essentially a banshee with diagonal movement/king konga.)
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby HellRaven » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:38 pm

Shrine: Shrine of Focus
Removes the bar along the bottom of the screen that shows the beat. Alternatively, could mess with the music in a fashion similar to the Banshee.
Sends player to the next floor and gives Random Obsidian-Type weapon and Obsidian Armor.

Trap: Scream Trap
Acts as a Banshee scream for a set number of beats.

Terrain Type: Fog
Has a Darkness effect while inside, can only barely see enemies that are inside unless right next to them. If you are inside, acts like you have the Ring of Shadows. Might be better suited as an effect in the boss fight/caused by a mini-boss than something in the level itself. If it's in a Boss fight, it could be used as a stealth sort of thing that ties into the fight itself.

Weapon: Naginata (Or you could call it a Glaive, I just like the Naginata cause I train with one)
Can attack with a Range of two, and sweeps across 3 squares. Like a Longsword mixed with a Broadsword. But, cannot hurt enemies only 1 square away. Instead it knocks them back like a flail while dealing no damage.
For a Visual Example
☐=Normal Square
☑=Can Damage
☒=Can Knockback

And just cause I've never told you guys directly, Necrodancer is one of my favourite games ever, I'm so looking forward to the DLC.
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby blueblimp » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:40 pm

I'll mention (more) game modes although they're in the doc, because I'd like to have them a lot. They add an additional dimension to the game other than choice of character.

Selectable modifiers to all zones mode

  • Shrine of war's enemy strength buff.
  • Permanent shrine of no return square.
  • Shrine of rhythm's dropped 8th beat.
  • Ring of war's (currently inactive because of bug) enemy count increase. Having a control to select how many extra enemies would be nice too.
  • Double tempo for any character (jakkdl has a mod that does this, so it doesn't necessarily need to be built into the game).
  • Start with a full build in all zones mode, such as a full glass build, and only consumable items appear during the run. The player can select either a pre-designed build or can make their own.

There could be an achievement for each effect that you get by completing all zones Cadence with the effect active. The option to mix-and-match effects would also be nice. For UI, one possibility is to give mods the power to enable/disable these effects, so no additional in-game UI is required (although that wouldn't work with achievements).

A lot of the effects are existing shrine effects. I feel like there are many interesting shrine effects that don't see much play because hitting the shrine has limited use in competitive modes. Making them modifiers gives an additional incentive to learn how to play well with the effect active.

Defense mode

Defeat waves of spawning enemies. Draft items for your build in between waves. Handling zone 3 swarms is one of my favorite parts of the game, so the idea of this mode is to make that a central play experience.

I've made a couple custom levels to experiment with this direction: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =464883149, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =598294410. The main difficulty with making a mode like this as a custom level is the lack of ways to spawn non-skeleton monsters. So adding more ways to spawn monsters would help too.
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Re: Have an idea for the upcoming DLC? Post it here!

Postby HacksawUnit » Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:51 pm

Here are some ideas, some old, some new:

Mead/"Milk": A food item that heals a lot, but causes the confusion status effect! For bonus coolness points, warp the screen a bit and add some warble to the music.

Cruel-Aid: Oh yeah! It's Cruel-Aid: The "fruit" juice that will get your heart pumping! After imbibing, Cruel-Aid will speed up the tempo of the game (like the speed-up trap) and heal one heart.

Mirror Charm: Damage taken is dealt to all enemies on screen, but IS NOT PREVENTED. Destroyed after activation.

Glass Slippers: Footwear that causes the "speed up" trap effect when worn. Getting hit causes the slippers to become Shattered Slippers. The Shattered Slippers cause the "slow down" trap effect when worn. This makes it a risky item for speedrunners: taking it makes the game faster, but making a mistake curses the runner with slowness until they can get rid of the footwear. Consider leaving this item out of Coda and Aria's pools.

Boomerang: Acts as a dagger. When thrown, it is re-equipped a beat later. (Throw!, beat, re-equipped)


Shrine of Conga: More chests! But every time you open one, a special golden monkey spawns that will follow behind you for that floor, beat for beat. The more chests you open, the longer the conga line stretches. It's safe to dig or attack enemies: the monkeys will wait. The danger comes in attacking them. They are invincible: attempting to move into one will deal lethal damage. This basically adds an element of the game "Snake" to Necrodancer.

Scroll of Flooding: All tiles become water. (Exception: Hot coal tiles become regular tiles.)

Shrine of Combustion: All enemies drop live bombs.
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