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A Vancouver-based independent game studio, Brace Yourself Games has rolled up some of the most experienced and talented independent game developers from around the globe.

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NecroDancer: SYNCHRONY DLC Available Now! (v3.1.0)

4th August 2022

RE-ANIMATE!!! That’s right everyone, the Crypt has been silent for 5 years, but now the NecroDancer is back from the […]

Developer Preview: Rivals 2.0

2nd August 2022

Greetings Founders, As you may remember us mentioning in our most recent update, our team is focusing on implementing some […]

Phantom Brigade Update 20 Preview

20th July 2022

Hey there, Brigadiers! In our previous update we mentioned that, in order to allow our team to focus on bigger […]

Crypt of the NecroDancer Gets its First Update in Over Five Years (v3.0.0)

30th June 2022

Yup. You’re seeing this right. After 1,721 days, Crypt of the NecroDancer is getting an update. And it’s a big […]

Industries of Titan 1.0 Release, New Features, and Updated Roadmap 

6th June 2022

Greetings Founders.  On April 14, 2020, we released our first Early Access version of Industries of Titan out into the […]

Industries of Titan Update 22: Rival AI 1.0

3rd May 2022

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: RIVAL AI: Compete against a new rival corporation! BIGGER MAPS: Maps are 1000+ tiles bigger. FASTER TECH: Research tech faster. […]