Council Report #6: Career Progression

23rd December 2021

Greetings Founder. With the Holidays coming around, I would like to say something like “take it easy” or “enjoy time […]

Industries of Titan Update 17: Victory Conditions

7th December 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: CORPORATE GOALS: New Victory Conditions to win the game! SCRAP TECH: Scrap unwanted tech for half the time. […]

Phantom Brigade: State of the Game

22nd November 2021

Hey Brigadiers. It’s November again. A year of development has already flown by, and our exclusive early access period with […]

Council Report #5: Corporate Goals and Tech Scrapping

17th November 2021

Greetings Founder, After focusing our efforts on depleting rebel numbers, the Council finally feels that you have sufficiently met their […]

Phantom Brigade Update 12: Sweater Weather

16th November 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: OFF THE RAILS: 3 new powerful railgun weapons. EVENT HORIZON: Lots of new narrative events, and 6 new […]

Discord Survey Results 2021

8th November 2021

With the early access launched of both Industries of Titan and Phantom Brigade, the Brace Yourself Games Discord has seen […]

Industries of Titan Update 16: Combat, Weather, and More

2nd November 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: NEW ADVISOR: Your new Research Director is here to help. GATLING GUN: Take out your enemies with a new weapon. […]

Council Report #4: New Advisor, Gatling Gun, Sandstorms, and More

20th October 2021

Greetings Founder, The Council has been impressed with how you’ve been using the Tech Tree so far, especially without any […]

Phantom Brigade Update 11: Megamaps Megapack

19th October 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: MAP ATTACK: 7 new combat maps! HOVER TANKS: New landing animations for reinforcements. ANIMATION IMPROVEMENTS: Lots of subtle animation improvements. BUF […]

Industries of Titan Update 15: Tech Tree

5th October 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: TECH TREE: Research Ancient Technologies in your new Tech Tree NEW BUILDING: Build a Science Lab to enable […]