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At Brace Yourself Games, we do not ask our team to crunch! We develop games because games make us happy, so if we’re not having fun doing it, what’s the point? No one at BYG is required to work more than 40 hours per week. We maintain an inclusive, supportive, fun company culture. We’re looking for teammates who will make BYG an even better place to work!

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Vancouver is a vibrant hub of both indie and AAA game development, and is consistently ranked as one of the cities with the world’s highest quality of life. Our offices are in the heart of downtown, with countless amenities and restaurants nearby, and are extremely easy to reach via public transit.

Photo by Magnus Larsson

The best thing about working at BYG is learning from all of my co-workers. This is the most talented group of people I've ever worked with.

Alex Vostrov
Team Lead, Designer, Programmer

Ryan's leadership fills the entire team with confidence, showing that fortune truly favors the bald.

Andy Nguyen
Lead Designer, Project Manager

I couldn't have hoped for a better place for my journey in the video game industry! Everyone here is super friendly, helpful, and fracking skilled!

Antoine Lendrevie
Art Director

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