Rift of the NecroDancer 2023 EP Release and Composer Reveal

1st September 2023

We are thrilled to announce all of the amazing and talented composers involved in the Rift of the NecroDancer Soundtrack, and release a 5 song EP!

Danny Baranowsky

First, it wouldn’t be a NecroDancer game without a banging soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky. If you liked Danny B before, this soundtrack will really make your head roll.

Jules Conroy (FamilyJules)

Second, Jules Conroy (aka FamilyJules) has been a part of NecroDancer from the beginning. It wouldn’t feel the same without him. You’ll get some of his signature metalmania in the soundtrack, but get ready to hear a different side of our favorite funky-haired shredder.

And now, please welcome four new composers to the NecroDancer family!

Josie Brechner

Josie Brechner is a prolific composer with a history of inventive and novel compositions for many indie games, brings that inventiveness to NecroDancer with a vast range of genres, and may have even invented some new ones?!

Sam Webster and Nick Nausbaum

Sam Webster‘s work on Grindstone was one of the best soundtracks of the year when it came out, and we were thrilled when we reached out and Sam agreed to write some tracks for Rift. Sam brought Nick Nausbaum in to assist, and together they’ve delivered a hefty pack of delicious grooves that somehow feel simultaneously frenetic and chill.

Alex Moukala

And finally, we’ve been fans of Alex Moukala for a long time from his kickass funky bass covers, and his energy and musical feel felt like a natural fit for NecroDancer. Get ready to be blown away by Alex’s ferociously melodic, intricate, and intense tracks.

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