Cobalt Core Update 1.1 | More Enemies!

17th June 2024

Cobalt Core’s 1.1 Update is now available on Steam, coming at a late date to Nintendo Switch!


  • Six new enemies:
    • 3 new normal enemies, one per zone!
    • One new elite for zone 2
    • A new alternate Zone 1 boss
    • A new alternate Zone 2 boss

  • Duncan the skunk, pilot of the Mining Drill, has been upgraded from NORMAL to ELITE enemy.
    • That’s because he kills players more often than any other non-boss fight! Watch out for this guy!
  • One new common artifact: Chaff Emitters


  • Fixed a graphical bug in the Hardest version of the big crystal fight
  • A few smaller fixes on really weird, niche edge cases


  • Renamed a status from “DRAW LESS NEXT TURN” to “SHAKEN”
  • New splash art by Justin Chan! Look at it!!!
  • Updated credits


In the interest of keeping the game’s initial learning curve the same, all the new enemies can only show up after you’ve played or won a few runs. Pre-existing save files that have already done this will already have access to the new enemies!

Read the patch notes on Steam here.