The key to our success is our people and keeping our people happy.  Brace Yourself Games offers its employees a wide variety of employment benefits and other perks. The company provides:


  • Comprehensive benefits package and lifestyle spending account for employees and their immediate families.
  • Monthly counseling sessions through a local counselling clinic, or reimbursement for those who desire to obtain their own counsellor.

Profit Sharing

  • Company-wide profit sharing plan.
  • All employees are part of the Employee Equity Trust and own a portion of the company.

Paid Time Off

  • Open PTO, including a paid holiday break between December 25 and January 1st, and a summer break on the week of the Canada Day holiday.
  • Employees are required to take an additional week of break throughout the year at minimum for a total of 15 days off but are encouraged to take more time off whenever they need to.
  • Unlimited sick days

Work From Home or the Office

  • Employees are not required to come into the office and have the option to work from home any day.
  • For tax reasons, we still require employees to live in B.C.

Free Choice Fridays

  • The option to use Fridays for projects outside the usual scope of work, with the goal of allowing employees to explore areas of personal interest that also align with the company’s interests.
  • Examples of things that clearly qualify: prototyping new games, learning new skills, taking courses, doing R&D, creating company tools, etc.
  • Employees may choose to take every Friday off for a 4-day work week instead with no management approval required.
  • Read more on Free Fridays here and why do them →

Events and Travel

  • Paid travel, hotel, tickets, and time off to enable employees to attend the Game Developers Conference.
  • Paid and salaried travel for employees working a BYG booth, giving talks representing BYG, or attending a (management approved) industry convention.
  • Get paid to go to PAX West as a visitor and our pre-PAX party! You do not have to use vacation days to go, and the company will provide one night of a hotel and a pass.
  • Paid taxis for employees and their spouses, as well as babysitting, if applicable, for staff parties and other Company events.

Parental Benefits

  • In addition to maternity and parental leave benefits provided by the BC Employment Standards Act, Brace Yourself Games is proud to offer additional benefits for new parents who are permanent employees.

Relocation Assistance

  • Reimbursement for moving costs if the employee has to “uproot” to work at BYG.
  • Paid legal assistance for all visa, permanent residence, and citizenship matters for employees and their immediate families if applicable.

Office Perks

  • Paid weekly “Lunch Team” lunches, as well as other team dinners.
  • Occasional complimentary merchandise and other small gifts.
  • Regularly stocked snacks and drinks in the lunch area.
  • Workspace accommodations for in-office and work-from-home setups.
  • Reimbursement for video game purchases that are relevant to an employee’s current project(s).