Industries of Titan to launch on Epic Games Store!

20th March 2019

Citizens of Titan, we have some news to share. Industries of Titan will be launching in Early Access exclusively on the Epic Games Store!

Brace Yourself Games is a talented team of indie developers, but we are making a very complex game. Epic’s support will allow us to grow our team further, and to make Industries of Titan the best it can possibly be!

We will be updating Industries of Titan frequently throughout the exclusive period, and we plan to 1.0 a year later on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam.

As always, we’d like to thank you for your support! We are working extremely hard to make Industries of Titan something special, and we know that the game will be much stronger, both at the Early Access launch and at the 1.0 launch, thanks to Epic’s help.

We’ll have more news regarding our launch date in the future, but for now, please visit the Brace Yourself Games booth at PAX East 2019 to try our new city building demo, and to pick up our new Fangamer shirts and exclusive Pinny Arcade pins! See you in Boston!