Industries of Titan Update 12: Full Speed Ahead

1st June 2021

A message from the design team

Hello Founders. This update reverts a recent change to unlocking buildings with Artifacts that was recently added during Early Access. Because it may confuse some players why we implemented a change only to change it back, I felt like it would be best to discuss some of our plans going forward for Credits and Artifacts.

The original system of unlocking buildings required Credits, and the cost to unlock buildings increased over time. Once we added Salary, we started getting reports that unlocking buildings was too difficult. We addressed this issue by changing unlock costs of buildings to Artifacts, which proved to be quite popular because many players were also finding themselves with excess Artifacts and wanted a purpose for them.

Unlocking buildings is going to go back to Credits for now, but they will no longer increase in cost for each unlocked building, which should make them easier to unlock.

Regarding excess Artifacts, Artifacts contain technologies from an Ancient Civilization. In future updates, Artifacts will be used at a new scientific building to discover possible technological unlocks. This will be Titan’s version of a Tech Tree.

Artifacts will still retain their functionality as currency for the Council in special cases because the Council has their own needs for them.

Thanks for joining us on this Early Access journey, and I hope you continue to give us feedback as we make improvements to the game through the course of development.

Andy Nguyen


  • AHEAD OF THE GAME: New Rebel Threat Meter and UI
  • GOTTA GO FAST: Ships speed is affected by the number of engines built.
  • DID YOU HEAR THAT? Advisor system overhaul with new VO!
  • MINIMAP MAKEOVER: More minimap functionality!