Council Report #2: Anomaly Detected

18th August 2021

Greetings Founder,

I hope you’ve been well since my last report. As you know, Artifacts are very important to the Council. These Artifacts allow us to rapidly advance our research and make consistent new discoveries here on Titan. In our last update to you for example, we discovered a way to activate inert ruins, which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Well, we’ve made even more discoveries since then that will not only help you uncover more Artifacts for the Council, but put your Artifacts to use in more ways. The Council wants us to do a little more research before we can permit you to utilize these in your city-corporation, but I have been granted permission to share with you a little sneak peek at what’s to come.

New Discoveries

Obsidian Ruins

We have been finding these Obsidian Ruins around Titan lately. They appear to be constructed of higher quality resources, and they are visually distinct from the typical ruin you find around here. Does this mean the previous civilization had a refining process, the same as ours? Or were the resources available on Titan better quality before the current medley of corporations settled here? I wonder if we’ll ever know for sure…

Large Ruins

Our team has also finally made a technological breakthrough with the Large Ruins that will allow you to extract their secrets. As you might expect, Large Ruins contain a lot more resources and Artifacts than you’d typically find.

Monument Center

Speaking of mysterious ruins, have you seen these huge Monument Ruins? Well, the Council has just shared blueprints with us to build a Monument Center on top of them. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what goes on in there, and the Council is as secretive as ever about what goes on behind closed doors. Regardless, if you manage to construct one of these for them, you’ll be sure to gain a lot more Influence with them.


We’ve also recently uncovered these strange Anomalies scattered around Titan. There are rumours that they are burial sites for the former civilization, but there is currently no substantiated evidence for this, so don’t worry about extracting them. They are a good source of Artifacts if you choose to study them. These Anomalies are surprisingly delicate and would be destroyed by machines, so you’ll want to dispatch your employees to get the job done.

These discoveries will be made widely available for corporate use on September 7, 2021 Pacific Time. What’s that saying? The early bird gets the worm? Make sure you mark down the release date so you can put these discoveries to use before your enemies do.

– Maddie, Council Representative