Council Report #4: New Advisor, Gatling Gun, Sandstorms, and More

20th October 2021

Greetings Founder,

The Council has been impressed with how you’ve been using the Tech Tree so far, especially without any guidance. You may recall in our last report that I mentioned you would be getting some help. Well, your advisor is almost here, and I’ve been granted permission to share with you more of our progress. So let’s dive in, shall we?

New Discoveries

Research Director

The one and only Braxton Daw is coming to Titan to be your Research Director. Yes, that Braxton Daw, the genius behind Earth’s incredibly accurate weather prediction system. I know, it’s a little crazy, but he accepted a personal invite from the Council. Between you and me, I think he’s excited by the idea of science without those pesky Earth ethics boards.

It’s truly an honor to be able to work alongside such a distinguished individual, so please treat him with the same respect you would if addressing Aenar Pyr herself. Brace yourself, because he arrives soon.

Sandstorms and Snowstorms

Speaking of weather, we’ve had some reports of sandstorms and snowstorms hitting various locations across Titan. It’s rare in most locations, but they’ve been hitting drier and snowier parts of Titan with increased frequency.

The Council wishes me to give you fair warning to expect them, because you’ll need to account for lower visibility, and longer travel times for your Employees through more snow.

Gatling Gun

Until now, ships have only been equipped with laser weapons, but the Council’s engineers have recently completed a prototype for a Gatling Gun. They’re not quite as precise as laser weapons, but they fire faster and do more hull damage per strike.

The rebels won’t know what hit them.

Xethane and Pylon Inert Ruins

Our researchers have also made some new progress with their work on Inert Ruins. Before this, we unlocked the ability for certain ruins to store energy and fuel. We were certain that if they could do that, they could do so much more. And we were right. Obviously.

We’ve found that some ruins have a connection to sources of Xethane below the surface. By finagling with a few things here and there, our researchers were able to figure out a way to draw the Xethane out and emit it from the ruin itself.

We’ve also discovered a way to connect some ruins to your city-corporation’s grid. They act identically to a pylon, though their effective ranges can sometimes have odd patterns.

We have confidence you’ll be able to utilize these findings to their utmost potential. These new discoveries, and maybe a few more, will be made available to you soon. Until next time, Founder.

– Maddie, Council Representative