Crypt of the Necrodancer FAQ







The game won’t install properly, or it crashes on startup.
If you are using any Steam Workshop mods for your game, please unsubscribe from all of them, then reboot Steam and try running the game. If you find there is a crashing issue with a Workshop mod, please contact the mod’s author for assistance.
There are a variety of programs that can interfere with Steam and prevent the game from running. This includes virus scanners, malware programs, and other utilities. Valve provides a list of such programs here:

Try disabling or uninstalling all such programs, rebooting your machine, and running the game again. If that doesn’t work, you can:

  • Try whitelisting the NecroDancer.exe file with your virus scanner or other such program.
  • Or try to verify the game cache (right click on Crypt of the NecroDancer in your Steam library and select Properties, then the “Local Files” tab, then click “Verify integrity of game cache”).
  • Or try disabling the Steam overlay (go to Steam’s preferences, then click “In-Game”, then uncheck the “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” checkbox).
  • Or go into the game folder, within SteamApps, right click, and run it as administrator.
  • If the game crashes in fullscreen mode, but not windowed, check to see if you have an nVidia video card. If you do, uninstall your latest video card driver update and reinstall the previous version.

I’ve uninstalled all programs that could be interfering with Steam, but the game still crashes on startup.
It’s possible that you have a corrupted save file. Navigate to the game’s Steam install folder and open the “data” subfolder. Rename the save_game.xml file to something else, then try running the game.

I’m on Linux and I’m having troubles with the game.
It seems that some USB devices cause the game to crash on startup. Try unplugging your USB devices, one by one, and starting the game. You may be able to determine which device is causing the problem. Even USB thumb drives have been reported to cause this crash, so try disconnecting any and all USB devices. This is because some Linux OSes think that devices are joysticks when they are not. You may be able fix this issue by stopping your OS from treating the device in question like a joystick

If you’re having some other problem on Linux, please try installing Ubuntu 12.04 or Steam OS. Those are the only officially supported Linux distributions, which is why we list them as the minimum system requirements on our Steam page. We certainly WANT the game to run on all distros, though! So feel free to post on our Steam forums if you have some information that might help us solve your problem:

I’m trying to play Crypt of the NecroDancer with a controller on Steam, but I’m having trouble configuring the controls.

We have an Official NecroDancer Bindings configuration set up in Steam Input that you can use. You can set up this configuration by opening Big Picture mode in Steam and navigating to Crypt of the NecroDancer in your library. Once there, select “Manage Game” and choose “Controller Configuration” under Steam Input. Ensure that the configuration is set to the the Official NecroDancer Bindings by Brace Yourself Games.

Conversely, if you do not like the way the official bindings are mapped to your controller, you can create your own configuration from here as well!

I get a weird stuttery audio problem on Windows.
Navigate to the game’s Steam install folder and open the audio.txt file. Try editing it to change the numbers from “1024 2 0 0” to “1024 4 0 0” or “1024 4 -1 0” or “1024 4 -1 1”. (Try the first set of numbers first, then run the game. If that doesn’t help, try the second set, etc.) Make sure that each of these four numbers is on its own line in the text file.

My dance pad won’t register UP and DOWN at the same time, or LEFT and RIGHT at the same time!
Unfortunately some dance pads come with default drivers that treat the arrow buttons as joystick axes, rather than as buttons! It’s impossible for the Y axis to be simultaneously up AND down, which is why you are having this problem. Different pads or adapters have different solutions. You can check out this helpful website or try googling for your pad or adapter’s name along with the phrase “axes problem”.

I’m using a Mac and my input device or dance pad is not working.
Macs don’t always have great drivers for gaming input devices. To resolve this you can try installing Enjoy2 or USB Overdrive.

None of these things have helped! What do I do?
Please try the following:

  • Manually delete all of the game’s files from the SteamApps folder. Then click uninstall from within Steam to make sure it recognizes that the game is gone, reinstall it, restart both Steam, and your machine.

That didn’t work either? Please search our Steam forums to see if your problem has already been discussed:

If your problem is new, please post on the tech support subforum to let us know! If your problem is new and a crash please also do the following:

  • Start the game, hit F7 once, close the game, re-open it, and cause the crash or hang. Then send your log file to: help at braceyourselfgames dot com. Log files can be found by right clicking the game in your Steam Library and selecting “properties” at the bottom of the list. Select the “local files” tab and click “browse local files”. A window will open up, in that window there is a folder called logs.

We’ll do our best to help!


How do I kill a certain enemy?
Check out our community Wiki’s monsterpedia:

Where can I find out what all of the items and shrines do?
Head on over to our community wiki!

I would like to be notified about major gameplay updates and news!
Great! You can sign up for our newsletter here by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your email:

Where can I get custom character skins? I’ve seen lots of streamers using them!

You can find a variety of custom character skins on the Steam Workshop:

I have more gameplay questions! What do I do?
Join our Discord server or visit our Steam forums! There are many extremely talented, knowledgeable, and friendly folks there who can help.

What time does the Daily Challenge change over?
The Daily Challenge timer resets at midnight GMT/UTC.

How can I play this game with a controller?
The first step is to go to the game’s Options screen, and then “Reassign Controls”. If you’re using a controller similar to an Xbox 360 controller we recommend that you assign the “face buttons” (the A/B/X/Y type buttons) to the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT directions. We find that using buttons for movement is much more natural than using a joystick or dpad. However, this is personal preference!

The tricky part of playing Crypt of the NecroDancer with a controller is casting spells. You’ll need to either push two buttons at once (which can be tricky for the times when you have to push UP+DOWN or LEFT+RIGHT), or reassign some other controller button to those combinations. For example, you could assign UP+RIGHT to your controller’s right trigger (RT).

Another method is to assign TWO keys to each movement direction. Assign A/B/X/Y to the DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT/UP directions, but ALSO bind a second set of directional inputs via a joystick or dpad. (Assign UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to your controller’s joystick or dpad.) This gives you the ability to cast spells by combining the face buttons AND the joystick/dpad. For example, if you want to reload your blunderbuss you’ll need to push UP+DOWN. With this setup you can easily do so by pushing UP on your joystick or dpad, and the “A” (down) face button.


Can I buy the soundtrack on its own?
The original soundtrack and remixed soundtracks are available on Steam:

Can I have higher lossless music files for the soundtrack?
FLAC files are included with the Steam DLCs.

Where does the Soundtrack go when I buy it?
Navigate to your SteamApps folder, find Crypt of the NecroDancer. There should be a folder named “soundtrack” in there with your files, organized by artist.

If the files are not there, re-check that you have downloaded the music DLC in Steam. Since it is a separate file from the game itself, it will need to be downloaded separately.

Do I need to buy the Soundtrack DLCs to get more in-game music?
As long as the game is up-to-date, you have access to all 5 soundtracks at no extra charge.

The soundtracks are not character-restricted. You can go to Change Soundtrack in Options, scroll down to the character then change their soundtrack to whichever one you’d like, or choose Random!

I heard I can play this game with my own music! What music formats are supported, and how can I play with formats that are not supported?
Yes, you can play with your own music files! The game currently supports MP3 and OGG formats. You can convert your existing music files to MP3 or OGG with a website like or by downloading a free program like Audacity.

How do I put my own music into the game?
Pause the game and navigate to Custom Music.

Select the track you wish to change and a window will pop up. Choose the song you wish to use, then wait for it to process. If it’s the first time the song is being used in-game, it may take up to a minute or more for it to process.

Note: Using custom music will not allow you to get Steam Achievements and put you onto the Custom Music Leaderboards instead of the regular Leaderboards.

Why doesn’t my custom music file work?
Custom Music tracks must be MP3 or OGG format. We have found that sometimes music files can be named “MP3” but are actually other formats. Be sure to verify what file type your music is.

When I put custom music into the game, my character immediately falls down through all the floors!
Please verify that the music file is the correct format, or try a different version of the file.

I replaced the Lobby track with a Custom Music track and now my game crashes!
Navigate to the game’s Save Data XML file, delete the custom music name from the XML, and save the changes.

I put custom music in and there is no beat / stray beats / incorrect beats.
The beat detection software requires a strong beat to automatically detect beats. Some songs may not work properly. If so, there is a Manual Beats option where you can set your own beat to the music!

What do I do if my song includes silence?
Our beat detector keeps the beat going until the end of a song, even if there’s silence. You can either trim the silence off the file in question before you convert it to an MP3 or an OGG or, if you have already processed it, you can edit the beat data text file to remove the extra beats from the end. The beat data text file is a numbered list of numbers, it is the text file with the same name as your song file. Each number indicates the position of a beat, in seconds. So if you want to remove the final 10 beats, remove the final ten numbers in the list.

I want to stream music into the game from something like Spotify!
Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen. Our beat detection system needs to have the entire song loaded into memory before it can process it.


I met all the requirements to earn an achievement, but didn’t. Why not?
There are a few things that can prevent you from earning achievements:

  • Having Custom Music enabled. You can check this in the Pause Menu, Custom Music.
  • Playing offline or not being connected to the Internet.
  • Playing in Seeded Mode
  • Using mods that edit the XML file.

We have also found some general intermittent achievement issues that we can’t control, you may have encountered those. Unfortunately, the Steam servers just don’t react sometimes.

Can I play this game on my YouTube or Twitch channel? Can I monetize?
Yes! Please do! We would appreciate it very much. If you would like explicit monetization permission, please click here.

Is there some way to get the game to start at a different resolution?
Yes! We will eventually add a more user friendly way of doing this, but for now you can follow these steps:

  • Right click on Crypt of the NecroDancer in your Steam library list
  • Go to “Properties”
  • Click the “Set launch options…” button
  • Enter your desired resolution in the following format:1920 1080If you set your launch options to “1920 1080” the game will start at the resolution 1920×1080

Alternatively, if you are playing in windowed mode, you can drag the corner of the window to resize it as you please.

Can I play this with a dance pad? 
Yes, you can play with a dance pad!

Can I have this game on my Nintendo Switch/3DS/phone/tablet/toaster?
NecroDancer is now available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita , Xbox One, iOS and Android devices, and Nintendo Switch.

I heard there is a DLC Expansion available! Where can I find more information about it?
Amplified is an expansion for the base game. It is available on all of the above platforms.

I would love to own some physical NecroDancer merchandise! Where can I buy it?

Head on over to our merch store!

How do I navigate to the game’s install folder?
Open Steam. Go to your Library list and right-click on Crypt of the NecroDancer. Select “Properties”, then click the “Local Files” tab. Click the “Browse local files…” button.