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The time has come for humankind to meet their maker. As the sole surviving god in the war against mortals, you will lead your loyal followers and rain destruction upon the world. Give humankind a taste of your wrath in this turn-based strategy game with roguelike and auto battler elements!


  • DESTROY HUMANKIND - Amass power and use it to smite humankind, conquering one continent after another in turn-based battles. With each victory, you'll grow stronger as you learn how to outmaneuver your crafty foes.
  • BE A GOD - You are a god, not a puppet master. No need to sully your hands; your servants don't need direct orders! They will act on their own for the benefit of your crusade. Consider their behaviors, grant them appropriate blessings, and ensure that the mortal heroes do not hinder your divine plans.
  • CHANGE THE BATTLEFIELD - Transform the landscape, construct buildings, and summon new creatures to set up an advantageous environment for your servants. Volcanic eruption near enemy soldiers? Excellent choice! Fortifications around friendly mages? Thy will be done! With ever-changing landscapes, no two battles are ever the same.
  • COMBINE ELEMENTS - Merge sparks of creation into powerful gems and enhance their abilities with numerous passive powers. The potential combinations are endless -- assemble a unique arsenal that supports your fighting style!
  • FACE CONSEQUENCES - Human survivors will remain on the continents that you conquer. Will you show them mercy? Choose their destiny and face the consequences of your actions! They may become a burden... or a blessing.


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