Industries of Titan Early Access FAQ


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What is Industries of Titan?

Industries of Titan is a simulation strategy game set on Saturn’s moon which combines classic city building and management elements, blending low poly and voxel art styles.

Where can I get Industries of Titan?

Industries of Titan is available on PC in Early Access on the Epic Games Store, with plans to release later on Steam. We currently do not have plans to release on GOG or Humble.

When can I get the game on Steam?

Industries of Titan will be available on Steam in 2021.

How much will Titan cost?

$29.99 USD.

Will Titan be coming to consoles?

At this time, Industries of Titan will be a PC-only title. We may consider porting to consoles at a later date.

Will Titan be on Linux/Mac?

We do not currently have plans to support Linux or Mac. We may consider porting to Mac and Linux at a later date.

Will there be multiplayer?

Our current goal is to finish Industries of Titan and all its features as a single player game, but we will continue to consider multiplayer in the future.

Is there a soundtrack for Titan?

Danny Baranowsky’s Under Construction OST is currently available on the Epic Games Store, featuring official work-in-progress, DRM-free tracks that will be updated throughout development. The full soundtrack will release alongside 1.0 of Industries of Titan, after Early Access. It will be on Epic Store, Steam Store, and all major music distribution platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. Danny also has some Industries of Titan EPs available on his Bandcamp.

Early Access

What is Early Access?

Early Access is a period in which players can purchase and play Industries of Titan early if they would like to support development and help shape its future. During this time, we’ll continue to add features, balance the game based on player feedback and further polish the game.

Why Early Access?

Early Access allows us to get your feedback as early as possible so we can make Industries of Titan the best game it can be. We’re bursting with ideas and want you to help us shape the future of the game.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

We are currently planning on having Early Access last for one year.  However, this could change if we feel like the game is not ready for a full 1.0 launch after a year.

How are you planning on involving the community in your development process?

Your feedback will shape the future of Titan! We’d love to hear your feedback and there are a few places you can reach us to do that. You can find us on Discord, head over to our Forums or find us on Twitter. Alternatively you can also contact [email protected].

Will my progress be saved throughout Early Access?

Frequent updates will mean that older saves will likely not work with newer versions. We understand that this may be frustrating, but the nature of Early Access and adding features means that this is regrettably unavoidable.

How often will you be updating Titan?

We will try to release smaller content updates every few weeks on the Experimental Branch, with bigger gameplay features coming to the Main Branch on the first Tuesday of every month (called Titan Tuesdays). Different features require different amounts of time. The bigger the feature, the more time we need to implement and test it before we can release it.


What updates can we expect in Early Access?

You can always find the latest version of our roadmap here. For comparison to see how far we’ve come, click here to see the very first version our first roadmap!


What languages and regions are supported?

We currently only support English language, with multilingual support coming at a later date.

Will there be controller support?

No. Due to the nature of gameplay, the option to support controllers would require a massive overhaul of the game’s UI.

Will there be support for custom key bindings?

We support custom key bindings for Mouse and Keyboard.

Will there be mod support?

We really love the mod community and definitely want to support it! Mod support is a surprisingly big project to undertake, and we still have a lot of the game to finish. So we can’t say for sure when or in what form mod support will exist, but we are certainly keeping it in mind for the future.

Will Titan support cloud saves?

Yes, Industries of Titan currently supports cloud saves through the Epic Game Store.

Is Titan DRM-free?

Yes, Industries of Titan is DRM-free.

There’s nothing but a black screen when I launch the game! I can hear music and see the in-game mouse, but nothing else. What can I do?

If you can’t see anything when launching the game, there is a very high chance you are running Windows N. You will need to download the Media Feature Pack from Windows here. This should allow you to play the game. If you are still having issues please feel free to contact us on Discord or via email.


How do I use the mines?

Mines can only connect to Mineral and Isotope Nodes, and cannot connect to Patches. Nodes are round holes which expose pockets of resources underground. They are not the same as Mineral and Isotope Patches, which contain visible crystals and are harvested via Employees.

Why is my power cycling on and off?

This means you are overdrawing your Power or Fuel. Once you overdraw and have used up your Power/Fuel reserves, your devices shut down. That means your Reserves (stored in Batteries & Fuel Tanks) begin to recharge. Once they have enough Power/Fuel, the reserves are then tapped and drained until empty. This loops forever. You must build more Power Generators/Fuel Fabricators to end this cycle!

What’s the point of devices vs. buildings that serve the same purpose? Sometimes one feels more valuable than the other.

For buildings and devices that serve a similar purpose, such as Residential Buildings and Habitat Pods, the difference will become clearer as we add more gameplay systems with future updates. Buildings will have “attributes” which relate to different gameplay systems. For example, Residential Buildings provide “Pollution Resistance”, which is useful because we have already enabled Pollution in the gameplay. But there are major gameplay systems missing (see Roadmap), so not all the Building benefits are clear yet!

Where can I find the screenshots I take with photo mode?

You can find them by typing this into your Windows search bar: %localappdata%\Titan\Saved\Screenshots

What’s the point of credits after I’ve unlocked everything?

In this current state of development, Credit usage is very limited. However, one of our upcoming gameplay systems will require you to pay Salaries to the families of your Employees (as compensation for converting their loved ones). With that update, you’ll need to balance Credits earned by Citizens with fees paid out to Employees. But there are other tricks up our sleeves which will make it harder to earn Credits… Details of that will come later! But don’t worry, Citizens will always be able to take advantage of that sweet, sweet ad revenue

What’s the purpose of factories if I can build the better versions of the devices in the city?

You may have noticed that some buildings cost 200 construction units to build now. Try refining your minerals with processors in your factories. Instead of using 200 T1 minerals, you can save your employees some trips and use 8 T3 minerals. Here’s a quick instructional video!

My resources do not match what I have in my containers!

The game will now alert you if it detects a mismatch in your resources vs. your UI. You can find this alert if the bug reporter button in the top right is flashing red. When you open the bug reporter, you will have an option to have the game fix these resource errors. Doing so will also upload the current save game state to our servers which will help us fix this issue in the future.

About the Team

Who are Brace Yourself Games?

We’re the indie Katamari! Brace Yourself Games hails from Vancouver, Canada and is the independent game studio behind Crypt of the NecroDancer and Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda, and soon bringing you Industries of Titan and Phantom Brigade.

Who is working on Industries of Titan?

Led by game designer Andy Nguyen (Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine) & Ryan Clark (Crypt of the NecroDancer), art from Sir Carma and Nick Gunn, and music from composer Danny Baranowsky (Crypt of the NecroDancer, Super Meat Boy), the team behind Industries of Titan is creating a new take on the strategy simulation genre. Click here for full game credits.

How long has Titan been in development?

Early prototyping of Industries of Titan began in early 2017, with full production starting in February 2018.