Industries of Titan Known Issues Master List

Hello! This is a list of all the current known issues in Industries of Titan. We’ll be updating this with each patch. If you run into an issue that’s not on this list, please send us a report through the in-game bug reporter! To see the patch notes for the latest update, click here.

(Last updated October 4, 2022 for Patch 0.27.5)

  • The Shields Up achievement is currently not counting hits that shields take, making it impossible to unlock right now
  • Employees currently prioritize storing resources in the closest available storage rather than one that is accessible by trucks
    • If you think your employees should be using trucks when they are not, please make sure there is no valid storage that is not connected to a road for that resource within walking distance of the mine
  • Sometimes an attacking rebel ship can become untargetable when it should be destroyed, causing the attack wave to persist indefinitely
    • This can be resolved by saving and loading, which will allow you to finish off the ship and end the attack wave
  • Some localization is missing from the game still
  • Energy Plants may not display a “No Fuel” tag if there is a small amount of fuel left in a fuel tank, but not enough to run the Energy Plant
  • Turning on Single repeat in the music player will not stay toggled on when the music player is closed
  • Removing workers from a ship with a shield generator can cause the shield to appear to still be on with nobody operating the device
  • If a building is renamed during construction, canceling that construction will cause the name to be applied to the empty tile.
  • If a resource in the Spaceport or Council building is required for construction, that resource is not prioritized and construction will take longer than usual
    • If a building is not constructing, we recommend canceling the construction and placing it again so that different resources are reserved.
    • This usually occurs with Isotopes 1!
  • If resources are filtered from a container to be moved to a different one, they can still be used for construction, causing longer than usual wait times
    • To solve, re-enable the filter on the box they are in to cancel the move resources job so that they can be used for Construction
  • Resuming a save file will show negative fuel if the game starts paused, unpausing will resolve the issue
  • Some Tutorial pieces do not have VO currently – they will need to be advanced manually
  • If your computer turns off in the middle of a game due to power loss or updates, Steam Cloud Sync may corrupt your save files
  • If the entrances to Citizen devices (Habitat Pods, Monetization Station, and Conversion Capsule) are blocked, Citizens will lie on the ground, in the air, or through other devices
  • If a building is entered while paused, sometimes all Employees and Citizens will be in T-Pose
  • Trucks may not travel extremely long distances in a very big city
  • Windows N users will need to install the Windows Media Feature Pack from the Windows Store – it’s required to play the videos in the game
  • Linux users have significant trouble getting the game to run via Proton – we are not officially supporting Linux at this time so there is not a lot we can do for you, sorry!
  • Performance can decline the larger a city gets
  • It’s possible but rare for the camera to become stuck when exiting a ship in combat
  • Phoning an Advisor during the step where instructed to view the panel will cause their dialog to be cut off in favor of the final step of the linear tutorial
  • When two Factories are connected, their interiors (and exterior) will flip around