Patch 1.0.4

Released: 30th March 2023

Changes and New Features

­č¬É indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Changed victory condition requirements for Mega Miner:
    • No longer spawns as a tier 1 point.
    • Reduced the requirements by one per level – This will make the tier 5 point possible to achieve on all map types
  • ­č¬ÉRemoved the file location popup when taking pictures in photo mode
  • ­č¬ÉReduced victory point requirements for number of techs researched (Novice/Adept/Veteran Researcher)
    • This should help with situations where a victory point cannot be achieved because too many techs were scrapped


  • Fixed an issue where selection could stop working after destroying the rival’s HQ
    • If you had encountered this issue in a game, loading that save after updating will allow you to continue
  • Fixed an issue where employees would not exit a conversion capsule until the floor it was on was viewed if conversion finished while the camera was in the Tech Web or a ship interior
  • Fixed not being able to prioritize the dismantling of a ship from inside the shipyard
  • Toned down the smoke VFX on ships when they take damage
  • Fixed rain not putting fires out on the Hostile terrain map