Phantom Brigade Update 8: Caches to Ashes

20th July 2021

  PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: THE FIRE AND FLAMES: Make more map mayhem! ALL OF THE LIGHTS: Lights improve visibility to mechs […]

Council Report #1 – Week One on Steam Complete

28th June 2021

Hello Founder. Today, we close our logs on an incredible first week of Early Access and prepare for the future. […]

Industries of Titan is OUT NOW on Steam!

21st June 2021

Industries of Titan, a city building sim/strategy game set on Saturn’s moon, Titan, is OUT NOW on Steam! As the […]

Phantom Brigade Update 7: The Beam Me Update

15th June 2021

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: TO BEAM, OR NOT TO BEAM: New beam weapons added! ALL THE COLOURS: New colours and iridescent […]

Industries of Titan Update 12: Full Speed Ahead

1st June 2021

A message from the design team Hello Founders. This update reverts a recent change to unlocking buildings with Artifacts that […]

Industries of Titan STEAM Release Date

25th May 2021

Industries of Titan launches on Steam, June 21, 2021. You heard it here. We’re excited for our Early Access journey […]

Phantom Brigade Update 6: Livery or Death

18th May 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: LIVERY DELIVERY: New liveries and materials added! LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY: Improved Retreat action. UI ENHANCEMENTS: Improved […]

Goodbye Forums

10th May 2021

If you’re familiar with our team, you know that we read everything that comes our way from the community, and […]

Industries of Titan Update 11: Darkness Falls

4th May 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: FOG OF WAR: Ships can now explore the Fog of War! TIMING MATTERS: Undertake a new challenge -Timed […]

Phantom Brigade Update 5: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

20th April 2021

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: SINGLE ACTION MELEE: Rework of melee attacks. MIND THE ZAP: 7 new energy weapons! HOW’S THE WEATHER […]