Phantom Brigade Known Issues Master List

Hello! This is a list of all the current known issues in Phantom Brigade. We’ll be updating this with each patch. If you run into an issue that’s not on this list, please send us a report through the in-game bug reporter! To see the patch notes for the latest update, click here.

(Last updated May 19, 2022 for patch 0.19.1)

  • “Scan Jamming” is used to name two different Upgrades
  • In some scenarios, the objective area (for example in Meteorite combat) is located underground and difficult to find. This will be fixed in 0.20, sorry!
  • When a decoy drone is deployed, different movement modes no longer modify the vision and detection ranges of enemies
  • Occasionally entering battle will not reveal units in the bar above the timeline
  • An exception may occur when quitting to desktop. This is safe to ignore!
  • Occasionally, Fallback can disable autosaves. This can be fixed by relaunching the game.
  • Overworld UI is visible when hiding UI in the main menu (using numpad (-) )
  • If detection ranges are adjusted due to rain or selected movement mode, newly spawned enemies will not have their range adjusted until all ranges are refreshed
  • Blurry shadow appears over units when navigating over ore piles in Mine map when raining
  • Stats turn red or blue even though there’s no difference when compared
  • Thruster and weapon trails aren’t cleared when weapon arm is destroyed during a melee attack
  • It is currently possible to destroy roads (including roads on bridges) possibly leading to pathing issues in combat
  • It is possible to lose capture progress on a province which is not fully captured when loading an older save state. This can be avoided by ensuring provinces in your game are fully captured before attempting to load a save from an older version.
  • Victory retreat on hit and run scenarios are delayed by one turn
  • Saving during combat is currently unavailable
  • Tutorial ends after an extra turn is executed if the player has ejected
  • Left arm never displays it has items in its inventory in unit editing
  • Parts with barrier have mismatched integrity/barrier stats
  • Enemy units are not being added correctly to the unit list after turn 9 in the final battle
  • Error when a player submits an empty bug report
  • Occasionally, two fallback melee actions can appear on a shield unit with one destroyed arm
  • Naming a save with ellipses (“…”) throws an error
  • Entering unit editing after exiting the livery puts the player back in the livery instead of part editing