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Epic Game Store (Early Access): November 16th, 2020 Steam: T.B.D.

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Phantom Brigade is a turn-based tactical RPG, focusing on in-depth customization and player driven stories. As the last surviving squad of mech pilots, you must capture enemy equipment and facilities to level the playing field. Outnumbered and out-gunned, lead The Brigade through a desperate campaign to retake their war-torn homeland.


  • Cinematic spin on the turn-based genre: Predict enemy movements, orchestrate precisely timed countermeasures and watch the action unfold.
  • Strategy: Make high-level tactical decisions on the world map, manage your base, and decide how to apply your limited resources.
  • Tactical combat: Take command of your squad in varied missions ranging from sabotage of enemy equipment and infiltration of high tech facilities to convoy ambushes and challenging outpost onslaughts.
  • Customization: Featuring a rich customization system, the game enables you to fine-tune performance of your mechs, install a wide selection of equipment and access a wealth of cosmetic options. Make your ready to face any challenge - in style.
  • Destructible environments: It's not a proper game about walking tanks without some falling buildings. The game allows every square meter of every scene to be destroyed. Blow up any cover and collapse buildings over your enemies.


Teaser Trailer (2018)

Gameplay Trailer (2019)

Animation Devlog (2020)

Selected Articles:

  • "I cannot overstate how cool this is." "I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already dangerously close to core-reactor-meltdown levels of excitement." – Kotaku
  • "A tour de force of mecha strategy, the Phantom Brigade demo being shown at E3 was a masterpiece that’s sure to delight." – Paste Magazine

About Brace Yourself Games:


The indie katamari!  A Vancouver-based independent game studio, Brace Yourself Games has rolled up some of the most experienced and talented independent game developers from around the globe.

At Brace Yourself Games, we do not ask our team to crunch! We develop games because games make us happy, so if we’re not having fun doing it, what’s the point? No one at BYG is required to work more than 40 hours per week. We maintain an inclusive, supportive, fun company culture.


  • Adelaide Jenkins
    Project Lead / Lead Engineer
  • Artyom Zuev
    Technical Artist / Programmer
  • Pavel Efimov
    3D Artist / Technical Artist
  • Pete Thorneycroft
    Animator / Technical Animator
  • Nikita Kotter
    Game Designer
  • Alex Vostrov
  • Kaitlyn Culley
    Lead Programmer
  • Hanna Hildebrandt
    Visual Effects / Technical Artist
  • Alexa Scheiss
    Senior QA Tester
  • Bahar Vaghari Moghaddam
    QA Tester
  • Dakota Bosman-Kennedy
    Junior QA Tester
  • Jared Tan
    Community Intern
  • Kimberly Voll
    Director of Production
  • Lulu Kadhim
  • Marlon Wiebe
    Video Producer
  • Matt Donatelli
  • Mel Severs
    Assistant Video Producer
  • Mobeen Fikree
    Technical Director
  • Nick Gunn
    3D Artist
  • Oliver Trujillo
    Additional Programming
  • Ryan Clark
    Executive Producer, Additional Design
  • Sarah Kuchinsky
    Tools Programming
  • Tina Thai
  • Cindy Chow
    Event Manager
  • Chloe Ezra
    Assistant Event Manager
  • Chelsea Ferguson
    Office Manager
  • James Chan
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Lilly Lee
    Financial Controller
  • Madeleine Gray
    Senior Community Manager
  • Riley Koenig
  • Power Up Audio
    Sound Design
  • Joey Godard
    Sound Design (PUA)
  • Cole Verderber
    Sound Design (PUA)
  • Jeff Tangsoc
    Sound Design (PUA)
  • Kevin Regamey
    Sound Design (PUA)
  • Craig Barnes
    Sound Design (PUA)
  • Alan Blackwell
  • Edison Moody
  • Francisco Santoyo
  • Geoffrey Ernault
  • Thomas Scholes
  • Tom Moore
  • MoGi Group
    Additional QA Services
  • Nick Valsamakis
    MoGi QA Tester
  • Rafael Torner
    MoGi QA Tester
  • Sorin Serafim
    MoGi QA Tester
  • Zoi Vitsentzou
    MoGi QA Tester
  • Dietrich "Squinky" Squinkifer
    Diversity Consultant
  • Callyn Dorval
    Voice Acting
  • Dick Fairfax
    Voice Acting
  • Elspeth Eastman
    Voice Acting
  • Keziah Seddon
    Voice Acting
  • Tetragon Works
    Legacy Development
  • Dan Rosas
    Tetragon Works Developer
  • Aura Triolo
    Tetragon Works Developer
  • Chad Jenkins
    Tetragon Works Developer
  • Mr Quinoline
    Community Moderator