New Titan Demo Playable at PAX East 2019

15th March 2019

Industries of Titan will be playable at PAX East 2019, booth #21109!!

Our team has been working extra hard to bring you a new demo showing off city building for the very first time!

Explore ruins, harvest resources and customize your buildings and watch your population grow! Trade and gain influence within The Council! Build defenses to protect your city from rival corporations!

Featuring all new art by @Sir_Carma & @Gunn3D and hot new tracks by Danny Baranowsky!

While you’re at our booth, get your hands on a limited edition “Industries of Titan” T-shirts (in collaboration with Fangamer) and exclusive Pinny Arcade pins! Also, be sure to grab a FREE time-limited EP card featuring awesome downloadable tracks!

We are super excited and hope you are too! Hope to see you all there!