Industries of Titan Update I: All Roads Lead to Titan

2nd June 2020

No matter where you go, your destiny is on Titan, Founder. Shall we head down this road together?


It’s been a long road since the Industries of Titan Early Access launch back in April, and our team is super excited to bring you this first major content update. The patch is now live on the main branch in the Epic Games Store.

Patch Highlights:

  • Transportation Hub: Transportation and roads are here!

  • Jukebox: You can now enjoy some Titan tunes with the Jukebox.

  • Better Waste Management: You can place blueprints on top of Waste in both City and Building view

  • Mine More Minerals: Mines can now be used to mine Resource Patches.

  • And much more!

You can expect another major update on next Titan Tuesday, July 7th. See the full patch notes below!


Changes as of 0.1.14

  • Transportation is here!
    • Two new buildings, Transport Hub (a place to store your Trucks) and Roads (self explanatory)
      • Trucks can carry a maximum of 5 resources of a single type, but only one type of resource at a time
      • Trucks currently function like fuel – they teleport to where they’re needed. We will be changing how this works in a future update.
  • Trucks cannot be used to gather resources from a Resource Patch currently – this will be changed in a future update
  • Enjoy some Titan tunes with the Jukebox!
    • Two modes – Automatic, which chooses what to play for you, and Manual, where you can control what you listen to
    • A brand new track, WARNING
    • A new Combat track now plays when you’re under attack, which will interrupt your Jukebox – don’t worry, it’ll pick up where it left off
  • Place blueprints on Waste in both City and Building view
    • Plan your city far in advance by placing buildings and devices on tiles that are otherwise occupied by Waste or excess Resources. Your workers will have to clean up that excess and Waste before construction can start.
    • Speed up construction by placing your Buildings on tiles that already contain the costs of construction
  • Mines can now be used to mine Resource Patches. Also added a flag indicating your Mine is not in range of any Mineable tiles
  • Save versioning – warning about incompatibility will only display when your save file is actually incompatible with the newest version
    • Additionally, we prevent save files from newer versions of the game showing up in older versions of the game, to prevent guaranteed crashes
  • Titan Tuesday countdown on the main menu – now you’ll always know when the next big update is dropping!
  • Plenty of new SFX – menus, buildings, UI, explosions!
  • Added newly processed voice for Urlan Fletch, your Spaceport Operator
  • Updated the look of a couple UI elements – Claim button is now white, Ruins Survey flags have been updated for better readability, and also added some new Migrant Ship descriptions and images to spice up the Spaceport
    • Added flags to indicate which jobs are Paused, Prioritized, and queued for Dismantle
    • Also added more information about your performance to the Win/Lose screen 
  • Added visual variants of Mineral Nodes and LV2 Ruins 
  • Factories and Headquarters now display exterior Waste like Residential and Conversion Center buildings to help you know when your Building Floors are filling up with waste
  • Guaranteed that the starting area contains the resources necessary to complete the tutorial
  • Began supporting lower resolutions with better UI 

Thanks to Community Feedback:

  • Control your Employees with even more efficiency
    • Two modes – Simple mode, for broad changes to your City priorities, and Advanced mode, for deciding if Isotopes get delivered before Minerals, Devices constructed before Buildings, and more
  • Prioritize Jobs
    • You can bump specific jobs to the top of the queue by prioritizing them without having to change your whole City priority. Useful for getting that Defensive Turret constructed before the Rebels come calling!
  • Personalize your City by renaming your Headquarters, Factories, and even your Employees! You can also rename individual floors within your Headquarters and Factories
  • Waste generation on the blue edge tiles of your Building floors. This will give you a bit more wiggle room when your devices are generating waste before things shut down
  • Fast transition camera setting for players who are in and out of Buildings often
  • Storage Facilities with contents can be dismantled, as long as another storage location exists. Also, the last Storage Container can be dismantled if a Storage Facility exists
  • Added a way to hide the Rebel Camps Remaining/Next Attack Timer

Fixed issues as of 0.1.14

  • Approximately 70+ bug fixes to all the features we’ve added, plus an additional 50-70 behind the scenes (for a more complete list of issues we fixed regarding new features, see patch notes for versions through 0.1.)
  • Fixed the Global Storage HUD tooltips displaying incorrect information about how much space there was to store resources
  • Fixed the delay between clicks when unlocking buildings
  • Fixed animation actors ticking while the simulation was paused to prevent crashes that occurred when selecting and interacting with Rebel tiles while paused
  • Improved the flickering texture on Factory when zoomed out all the way
  • Fixed all keyboard input being disabled on the main menu after viewing the splash videos when launching the game 
  • Fixed common crash FString::FString which resulted from having a Connected Storage Facility, game would crash on next load
  • Cancelling an upgrade or connection now returns all resources from the upgrade/connection to the player (stored in internal storage)
  • The bug report window no longer closes all other UI windows
  • Fixed uppercase transformation to support accented characters properly
  • Fixed resources still being stored in a destroyed Storage Facility
  • Fixed storage discrepancy caused by stored resources being dropped on the floor but not removed from the HUD when a Storage Facility or Factory was destroyed
  • Fixed a rounding error in builds that caused the cost of repairs to be 20 credits instead of 15 credits
  • Fixed game mode not showing correctly on the pause screen
  • Fixed a rare crash having to do with the Employee Management panel, and improved the performance of the panel in general
  • Fixed tooltip on Global Energy HUD displaying incorrect numbers
  • Autosave can be set to 60 minute intervals
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a UI element
  • Fixed Repair All button not being displayed on Command Centers
  • Fixed many miscellaneous audio bugs (sounds playing at the wrong time, or for too long, or too loud)
  • Fixed long save file names overlapping with other text in the load menu
  • Fixed a couple other issues with text overlapping
  • Fixed Burrow progress timer not resetting to zero between Burrows
  • Fixed a couple typos
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy caused by dismantling a disabled storage container – storage space became reserved twice and could cause workers to stop storing resources until more storage was created
  • Fixed Mines not emptying correctly
  • Fixed Custom Map Location not showing up on the Load menu
  • Fixed “No space available” warning showing up on Empty Tiles and Resource Patches
  • Fixed Citizens animation not randomizing correctly, causing synced up animations (especially visible in Monetization Stations)
  • Fixed Copy button on Factory and Storage Facility not working correctly
  • Fixed Turret radius being displayed when upgrading
  • Fixed camera exiting from the wrong building when saving and loading inside a building
  • Fixed devices being invisible on load if they were completing construction
  • Fixed Conversion Capsule UI not refreshing to allow dismantle when conversion completed
  • Fixed connected Mine and Smokestack not combining their local storages correctly
  • Fixed resources not being returned to the player when a Storage Facility was dismantled
  • Fixed storage discrepancy caused by HQ upgrade
  • Fixed Energy Pylon not relaying power when only overlapping one half of a connected building
  • Fixed a crash caused by Rebel Ships spawning in the incorrect place
  • Fixed Rebel Ships not continuing to spawn when continuing a Standard game in Endless mode
  • Fixed health bars on Rebel Ships being offset by a significant amount
  • Fixed game entering Active Pause mode when navigating the settings menu in a Hardcore Game
  • Fixed buildings displaying “empty plot” instead of their name while under construction
  • Fixed Grid information disappearing from the UI panels of Energy Devices and Buildings
  • Attempted fix of a long-standing Navigation crash
  • Attempted fix of a crash that occurred when leaving a building
  • Fixed trucks being reserved but not used when emptying a mine 
  • Fixed pausing construction while Employees carrying resources were outside instantly teleporting their held resources to the construction site
  • Fixed Employees incorrectly taking Trucks if they were not at the location of stored resources when the job was assigned
  • Fixed Rebel Attack Timer and Remaining Camps Counter not displaying if a Standard Mode game was started after having played a Survival Mode game

You can find the current list of known issues here.