Council Report #3: Tech Tree

22nd September 2021

Greetings Founder,

We’ve been quite busy since last we spoke, as I hope you’ve been as well. You may recall in our last report, the Council has been pushing for new ways to collect Artifacts. The reason for that being what I’m about to show you today – the culmination of our mutual efforts.

The ancient civilization before us held untold treasure troves of knowledge, but now that we’ve begun to unravel the mysteries, this is just the beginning. The Council’s researchers have been toiling day and night to uncover the secrets of the previous civilization and their Artifacts, and while there’s still much to uncover, the Council believes we’ve reached a point where we can finally share the Tech Tree and Science Lab with you.

New Discoveries

Tech Tree

Ahh, the Tech Tree. We have been waiting to unveil this feat of technology for a long time now. What you’re seeing in the image above is not a physical space, but rather a visualization of a digital one. When you first access your city’s Tech Tree, you begin with a limited number of nodes you can research. You will be able to spend Artifacts at the Science Lab to unlock Ancient Technologies that may enable new courses of action for you or passively benefit your city-corporation. As you unlock more nodes, you’ll get access to more technologies. Knowledge begets more knowledge, and all that, right?

We currently have 29 unique nodes available for research, but I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Science Lab

Soon you will be granted permission to construct a Science Lab, which you will need to not only access your Tech Tree, but also to assign Employees to research the ancient technologies. The more Science Labs in your city-corporation and Employees you have working in your labs, the more efficient you will be at researching the technologies in the Tech Tree.

This state of the art, high tech building will be home to the Research Advisor who is scheduled to arrive on Titan in a couple months’ time. He is… well… perhaps it’s best I talk about him in the next Council Report.

The Science Lab and the Tech Tree will contain all the experimental technology necessary for the most successful corporation possible. Which means, when you fail, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Talk to you again soon, Founder.

– Maddie, Council Representative

P.S. We’ll have an updated roadmap to show you on October 5, 2021 when the Tech Tree update goes live.