Council Report #5: Corporate Goals and Tech Scrapping

17th November 2021

Greetings Founder,

After focusing our efforts on depleting rebel numbers, the Council finally feels that you have sufficiently met their expectations. The Council, generous as always, is ready to reward you for demonstrating success in other areas of your city-corporation.


Corporate Goals

A little competition is always good, Founder. The Council has set some Corporate Goals for you and other founders across Titan. 

At the beginning of your venture, you will be presented with some goals (i.e. Victory Conditions) for you to accomplish that would please the Council. For now, they will fall into 3 main categories: Economic Expertise, Political Powerhouse, and Military Mastery.

You will be presented with several different options for you to tackle, but to claim victory over your rivals, you will have to complete three goals within a single category.

That said, the Council will also be keeping track of the quality of your victory. Sure, you can claim victory after you’ve completed three goals in a category, but what about claiming victory after completing two, or even all three?

Irrevocable and Revocable Goals

Let’s talk a little more about the kinds of goals the Council has set for you. There are goals, such as being asked to destroy a rebel base, that are irrevocable, meaning that once you accomplish that goal, that’s a permanent achievement.

Most Corporate Goals, however, are revocable, meaning you must do more than just reach your goal – you must maintain it as well. For example, some goals might be to own a certain number of ships, or build a certain number of Council Obelisks. If some of your ships or your Obelisks get destroyed… or perhaps if you destroy those of a rival corporation… that goal will no longer count as being met. 

The Council obviously does not condone sabotage, but, well, they are firm believers that competition is healthy among Founders. 


Scrapping Tech

Corporate Goals aren’t the only new update we have for you though. Our researchers are continuing to make strides within the Tech Web as well. As you discover new technologies to research, there are bound to be certain nodes that may not be as helpful to your city-corporation’s progression as you may want. Perhaps you don’t want to dedicate the time or the Artifacts towards unlocking it.

Now you can ask your scientists to “scrap” a node. Scrapping a node takes half the time to scrap a node than to fully research it, but even more impressive, a scrapped node will unlock all adjacent bridges without having to use precious Artifacts.

Despite our advances, the Tech Web is still rather opaque. We can only discover more about by chipping away diligently at it, but I believe this innovation will make things much easier for you.

Until next time, Founder.

– Maddie, Council Representative