Crypt of the NecroDancer Gets its First Update in Over Five Years (v3.0.0)

30th June 2022

Yup. You’re seeing this right. After 1,721 days, Crypt of the NecroDancer is getting an update. And it’s a big one.

You might be saying, “Brace Yourself Games, it’s been 5 years. Why are you updating now?” 

Well, let’s just say this is a precursor to something bigger coming your way, and we want to make sure that we address some of the community’s most significant feedback before we get there.

From your feedback, here are some of the biggest things you wanted us to address:

  1. Loading times
  2. Difficulty spike
  3. Custom music
  4. Controller support/control inputs

Good news – we’ve got something in the bank for all of these points today and SO much more, including improved co-op and mod support. We’ve got a lot of changes to go through, so strap in.

Read the full patch notes here.