Patch 1.2.0

Released: 20th July 2020

The show must go on! 5 new playable characters are ready to show you their moves.

The first of 3 separate Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring the Legend of Zelda DLC is available now in the Nintendo eShop!

Patch Notes 1.2.0

  • Character DLC now available! Play through any game mode as Impa, Frederick (Shopkeeper), Aria, Shadow Link, or Shadow Zelda. Includes a new game mode: all characters mode, and 1 alternate outfit for each character (changeable at sheikah stones)
  • Added a new game mode modifier: mystery mode
  • Changed behaviour of some enemies to have them better avoid falling in holes
  • Changed Octavo’s haste ability to be speed capped in the same way as peaceful area movement or fixed-beat movement
  • Added portals to dungeon mode to allow the player to restart a zone from the boss area
  • Added 2 extra weapons in dungeon mode, in zones 2 and 3
  • Changed dungeon mode to not regenerate the dungeon after death when playing in seeded mode
  • Added a display of the random seed to the post-game screen, and make it briefly visable after a quick-restart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “bounce-cancelling”, an exploit that could allow the player to be stuck hovering at a specific height
  • Fixed a bug/exploit involving using the inventory screen to cancel a bow or power glove action
  • Fixed a bug where characters would continuously swap equipment if they picked up a new item while standing on a bridge or object
  • Fixed a bug where the contents of certain objects (crates, bushes, etc) could be duplicated using the power glove
  • Fixed a bug where “Quick Restart” in a co-op game would then start a new game in single player mode
  • Fixed a bug in dungeon generation where bounce traps could be generated adjacent to doors
  • Fixed a bug where picking up an item while sliding on ice could cause the player to slide too far
  • Fixed a bug where using the hookshot and the “haste” ability could cause the step count to be incremented incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where helper characters in the Ganon battle could get stuck with glass weapons, and then lose their only available weapon after getting hit
  • Fixed some bugs involving player movement around wind traps
  • Fixed an issue where heart pieces could disappear if the player left the screen without picking them up
  • Fixed some bugs relating to unusable items appearing for Yves
  • Fixed an issue where Yves could unburrow inside certain larger enemies, causing them to get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where the shrine of death could allow the player to skip Necrodancer phase 3
  • Many other bug fixes