Released: 4th February 2023

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.5.1 is now available!
​Hey NecroDancers!

There have been a few requests for an option to reduce/disable co-op enemies, so we’ve added a “co-op enemy spawn rate” slider to the Custom Rules menu that allows lobby hosts to increase or decrease the number of co-op enemies.

It also turned out that Skittish Blademasters were a bit trickier to hit in online multiplayer than intended, since network latency can cause some lunges to be delayed by enough time that the player “catching” the Blademaster has a much shorter time window to react during the cooldown, often getting hit instead. We added an extra beat of vulnerability after the counterattack to fix that, so go get ’em!

Additionally, we’ve fixed a bunch of smaller UI/engine issues that have been reported to us since v3.5.0’s launch.

Enjoy, and good luck out there!

New Features

  • Added a custom rule to control the spawn rate multiplier for co-op enemies
  • Added advanced option to disable automatic remapping of gameplay buttons to menu controls
  • Added advanced option to disable mouse input in menus


  • Changed Skittish Blademaster to wait an extra beat after lunging
  • Changed ‘Misc options’ menu to group settings by category


  • Fixed menu options being activated when clicking to focus the game window (this can be controlled by an advanced setting)
  • Fixed control scheme sometimes alternating between controller and keyboard if “Controller hot-swap” is enabled
  • Fixed credits not rendering correctly in some languages
  • Fixed modded sound effects not working when played via file path, without a sound group
  • Fixed mouse controls not working correctly in resource pack file extraction menu
  • Fixed co-op enemies not being categorized correctly in the level editor