Patch v3.1.2

Released: 11th August 2022

Hi folks! We’re back with some bugfixes for Crypt of the NecroDancer: SYNCHRONY v3.1.2! Thank you for all the feedback so far. Even if we don’t respond directly to your posts in the forums, please know that we are reading and taking note of everything.

Changes and Fixes in v3.1.2

  • Changed Ring of Gold to adapt its collection range to the number of players (infinite in single-player, short-range in multiplayer)
  • Fixed beatmap being quadrupled while possessing as Chaunter in Double Tempo Mode
  • Fixed countdown timer displaying when unpausing as Bard or in No Beat Mode
  • Fixed Shrine of Glass not converting Heavy Plate Armor into Heavy Glass Armor
  • Fixed Reflective Shield not inflicting full retaliation damage
  • Fixed item name flyaways showing in mystery mode for non-English languages
  • Fixed item pools not always being randomized correctly across runs
  • Fixed possessed enemies dropping their innate weapons
  • Fixed missing graphics on GPUs that do not support 8192×8192 textures
  • Fixed negative audio latency settings not shifting input timing window correctly
  • Fixed some enemies not using their unique hover animations
  • Fixed Steam Deck switching to keyboard controls for Player 1 when interacting with the touch screen
  • Fixed controller HUD prompts displaying ‘NONE’ until the ‘Reassign Controls’ menu is used
  • Fixed legacy controller bindings being removed when resetting controls to default
  • Fixed “Select Primary Input Device” option sometimes treating controller buttons as keyboard inputs
  • Fixed localization template containing some inaccurate item hints
  • Fixed Versus Mode starting room not always deleting all items in a row