Patch v3.1.5

Released: 11th October 2022

Hey everyone! We’re back again with some changes and quite a few bug fixes, namely to improve multiplayer stability as well as fix a few issues surrounding leaderboards submissions! Thank you as usual for all of your feedback and be sure to keep an eye out for more fun content we have coming down the pike!

New features & changes

  • Added Modded/Custom Mode indicator to lobby
  • Added mode selection menu to Extra Modes room
  • Changed default font for Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations to Noto Sans
  • Changed Thief’s spawn noise to use the sound volume level, instead of scaling with music volume


  • Fixed “Character Lock” mode disabling leaderboards
  • Fixed Low% leaderboards not being viewable in the lobby after touching an Extra Mode shrine
  • Fixed runs started in a previous game version not submitting to leaderboards
  • Fixed performance issues when hosting multiplayer lobbies
  • Fixed some audio device errors not being resolved correctly
  • Fixed error when registering sound groups in same script name across mods
  • Fixed -connect-lobby-{GalaxyID} launch parameter not working
  • Fixed softlock when sliding on ice in lobby level
  • Fixed enemy health bars not rendering in lobby level
  • Fixed game browser menu counting incompatible lobbies twice
  • Fixed disconnected clients not being fully removed from online sessions
  • Fixed GOG lobbies sometimes not appearing in the game browser menu
  • Fixed players not disconnecting after a timeout when joining a GOG lobby
  • Fixed client getting stuck on log-in when trying to reconnect to a previously joined GOG lobby
  • Fixed network error when attempting to self-join Steam lobby using a second game instance
  • Fixed equipment sprites displaying in replays despite being disabled
  • Fixed fade-out being cut off when starting a custom mode run
  • Fixed Coda unlocking on partially completed All Characters runs