Patch v3.3.0

Released: 24th November 2022

New features

  • Added Discord Rich Presence integration and game invitation support
  • Added “Treasure Hunt” game mode to Versus Mode, replacing “Trick or Treat” mode
    • Defeat enemies to collect their gems, or steal them from other players!
    • The top-scoring player wears a shiny crown… which reveals their position to everyone else!
    • Drop 50% of your gems on death, including those collected in previous rounds!
    • After 3 rounds, the player with the most gems wins!
  • Added GOG Galaxy cross-play support for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Added option to generate floors with more/fewer rooms in the level editor
  • Added advanced option to retain custom rules after closing a multiplayer session
  • Added advanced option to increase the HUD text size for item stacks (bombs, cookies, etc.)
  • Added advanced option to increase the volume of important sound effects (Thief, Trapdoors, miniboss trampling)
  • Added Mumble positional audio integration
  • Added Integration options menu to configure integration
  • Added back Bolt’s original unlock condition (‘Complete Zone 4 with Monk’) as an alternative to their new unlock method (‘Complete All Zones Mode’)

Balance changes


  • πŸ”Ή Onyx Weapons: Changed damage boost to activate when hitting shielded enemies (excluding crates)
  • πŸ”Ή Shield of Shove: Increased damage of crush attack from 4 piercing damage to infinite phasing damage
  • πŸ”Ή Karate Gi: Reduced incoming damage penalty from a 2x multiplier to a +0.5 flat increase
  • πŸ”Ή Quartz Armor: Now protects against extremely high-damage hits (>10 hearts)
  • πŸ”Ή Winged Boots: Added the ability to toggle the floating effect via the ‘Throw’ button
  • πŸ”Ή Ring of Shielding: Now protects any equipped Shields from taking damage or breaking
  • πŸ”Ή Ring of Protection: Now protects against one lethal hit, breaking the ring and leaving the wearer at half a heart
  • πŸ”» Ring of Pain: Changed area damage to be parryable by Blademasters
  • πŸ”Ή Courage Shovel: Added protection against Wall Spikes
  • πŸ”Ή Courage Shovel: Added to Monk’s and Coda’s item pool
  • πŸ”» Courage Shovel: Reduced dig strength from Stone to Dirt
  • πŸ”Ή Earth Spell: Changed damage and knockback to affect enemies standing on the exit stairs
  • πŸ”» Earth Spell: Greater Earth now knocks back adjacent enemies two tiles instead of unconditionally crushing them
  • πŸ”Ή Freeze Spell: Increased freeze duration from 7 to 8 beats (15 to 16 beats for Greater Freeze)
  • πŸ”» Freeze Spell: Increased cooldown from 15 to 20 kills
  • πŸ”» Freeze Spell: Increased blood cost from 1 to 1.5 hearts
  • πŸ”» Freeze Spell: Greater Freeze on the main level no longer affects enemies in the secret shop, and vice versa
  • πŸ”» Shield Spell: Increased blood cost from 1 to 1.5 hearts
  • πŸ”Ή Bomb Spell: Magical bombs no longer inflict damage to players or friendly entities
  • πŸ”» Frost Charm: Now casts the normal Freeze Spell when shattered instead of Greater Freeze
  • ▫️ Grenade Charm: No longer spawns, replaced by a “Grenade” action slot item that comes in stacks of 3


  • πŸ”» Ogre: Changed behavior to avoid attacking until it has been visible for a full beat
  • πŸ”» Death Metal: Changed the shield in phase 1 to be breakable by inflicting 9 or more damage in one hit
  • πŸ”» Frankensteinway: Removed the shield’s damage reflection
  • πŸ”Ή Crate/Barrel Mimic: Now drops a single Grenade for Eli (or rarely for other characters)


  • πŸ”Ή Chaunter: No longer gets slowed down when digging, using items or casting spells while possessing a slow enemy
  • πŸ”Ή Monk: Increased starting health from 2 hearts to 3 hearts
  • πŸ”Ή Monk: Reduced maximum number of enemies per floor
  • πŸ”Ή Mary: No longer encounters Orcs in Zone 5
  • ▫️ Tempo: Shop Wall Mimics are no longer replaced by other enemies in Zone 5


  • πŸ”Ή Shrine of War: Increased probability of encountering Shrine of War to match other shrines
  • πŸ”Ή Shrine of Sacrifice: Changed rewards to 3 different chest items (red/purple/black), instead of 3 random items
  • πŸ”» Shrine of Pain: No longer applies a +1 item tier boost to its reward items
  • ▫️ Shrine of Blood: Now drops Crown of Thorns while inactive, and Ring of Regeneration while active

Randomizer mode:

  • πŸ”» Yetis: Added movement speed limit of at least 3 beats per move if health is greater than 1
  • πŸ”» Deep Blues: Reduced average movement speed of Pawns (5 to 8 beats per move instead of 1 to 4)
  • πŸ”» Deep Blues: Reduced average health of Pawns

Versus mode:

  • πŸ”Ή Projection Spell: Now grants brief invincibility upon casting
  • πŸ”Ή Vanish Spell: Now grants brief invincibility upon casting
  • πŸ”Ή Vanish Spell: No longer interrupted when hit while invincible

Other changes

  • Changed Heart Transplant to telegraph the end of its effect by showing beat bars
  • Changed credits to use higher quality graphics for enemies

Modding features

  • Added support for declaring a dependency on the latest version of a mod (use "ModName_io_12345": true)
  • Added single-player chat visibility mode for mods
  • Added “embedded client” mode with asynchronous rendering, accessible via the MultiInstance module
    • This allows rendering a “picture-in-picture” view of the game from a different perspective
  • Added support for joining the same session multiple times via embedded clients


Gameplay bugfixes

  • Fixed Trap Walls in Melody’s final boss fight sometimes leaving small pockets of floor tiles intact
  • Fixed Shrine of Space causing level generator to generate different items in subsequent levels
  • Fixed Boss Shrine causing level generator to generate different items in subsequent levels
  • Fixed minibosses spawned by the Dice Trap appearing in the next floor’s Trapdoor Penalty Box
  • Fixed Shrine of Space generating too many catacomb walls in Zone 3
  • Fixed Shrine of Space sometimes overriding shop walls in Zone 3
  • Fixed Shrine of Space sometimes failing to generate its extra room
  • Fixed Shrine of Space sometimes creating inaccessible rooms
  • Fixed crate Gargoyles not being affected by Ring of Luck and Lucky Charm
  • Fixed extra items being granted when a non-Chaunter character uses the Lantern
  • Fixed Chaunter disintegrating the Weaponmaster’s lobby training weapons on pickup
  • Fixed Tar Monsters not creating tar when spawned by a dice trap
  • Fixed Fortissimole’s initial facing direction varying when playing the same run in seeded mode
  • Fixed items sunken by an angry Pawnbroker reappearing on the next floor
  • Fixed Shopkeeper Familiar not collecting gold when deployed
  • Fixed Shopkeeper failing to open metal doors when returning to his shop after chasing a player
  • Fixed Ogres being able to immediately swing their club when spawned during a boss fight
  • Fixed Deep Blues being able to castle after teleporting
  • Fixed Bells spawning minibosses adjacent to players in Cadence’s penultimate boss
  • Fixed Melody’s final boss sometimes getting stuck in walls
  • Fixed non-Chaunter possessors being vulnerable to floor hazards
  • Fixed enemies continuing to target players who died during possession
  • Fixed enemies not despawning after falling down trapdoors
  • Fixed Ring of Wonder and Crown of Greed doubling the Pawnbroker’s sell prices
  • Fixed Leprechaun’s gold drop being affected by Randomizer Mode
  • Fixed spawn caps not correctly handling multiple bosses on one level
  • Fixed Berserk Spell not applying its damage boost when struggling against a Monkey

Multiplayer bugfixes

  • Fixed peer-to-peer message routing when connected to the same lobby from multiple clients
  • Fixed “Logged in from another session” error when trying to play over LAN
  • Fixed intro screen getting stuck when accepting lobby invitation
  • Fixed accepted lobby invitations not fully interrupting cutscenes
  • Fixed leaderboard player count not always updating correctly

Versus Mode bugfixes

  • Fixed Vanish Spell being cancelled the same beat it is cast
  • Fixed Versus Mode spectator view not working correctly

Menu bugfixes

  • Fixed Steam Input not detecting controllers on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Fixed Steam Overlay not working on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Fixed text display issues in key rebinder on some resolutions
  • Fixed keybindings in the controls menu’s third column not being removable
  • Fixed uncommon crash when exiting the game via the menu

Level editor bugfixes

  • Fixed black screen when playing a multi-character custom dungeon
  • Fixed editor text tool not preserving uppercase characters
  • Fixed editor camera mode persisting when editor UI is open at level start
  • Fixed entities dying to lava in level editor

Modding bugfixes

  • Fixed settings not using treeKey for sorting order
  • Fixed boss.summonNearby() ignoring components if caster isn’t specified
  • Fixed Steam Workshop resource packs not being loadable when Steam is in offline mode
  • Fixed errors during level generation not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed Synchrony’s balance tweaks taking priority over mods
  • Fixed “Popular on” section running out of mods too quickly
  • Fixed mod icons not always being loaded correctly from
  • Fixed image/audio preloader not handling modded files if the path contains Unicode characters
  • Fixed asset extractor not listing files if a translation mod is loaded
  • Fixed debug console only disabling leaderboards for the current run
  • Fixed heart HUD graphics not appearing in resource extraction menu

Audio bugfixes

  • Fixed missed beats when the Heart Transplant’s effect ends
  • Fixed ‘Random’ soundtrack option randomly causing Freddy to stop singing
  • Fixed ‘Random’ soundtrack option sometimes failing to play any music at all when AMPLIFIED DLC is not installed
  • Fixed Training song not looping correctly
  • Fixed Onyx weapons not playing the correct attack voice line
  • Fixed missing sound effects when a non-Chaunter character uses the Lantern

Visual bugfixes

  • Fixed cut-off character sprite when equipping Winged Boots while standing in a liquid
  • Fixed cutscene videos being cut off vertically on ultrawide display resolutions
  • Fixed inconsistent fade-out/darken behavior between floors and walls
  • Fixed Extra Mode labels sometimes being obscured by their shrine
  • Fixed giant enemies audibly trampling while hovering
  • Fixed missing particle effects when a non-Chaunter character uses the Lantern
  • Fixed some equipment sprites being stretched when submerged in water