Patch v3.4.0

Released: 19th December 2022

Hey folks! Welcome to the last update of 2022! We wanted to cap this huge year with something special, so we added Reaper, a previously Switch-exclusive character, to the base NecroDancer game for everyone to enjoy. As a special holiday event, there’s also a Merry Cryptmas versus event to play.

Happy Holidays to everyone from BYG and Vortex Buffer! We’ll see you in the crypt. Onwards to 2023!

Merry Cryptmas!

New features

  • Added Reaper as a playable character
    • Defeat enemies to accumulate souls that attack for you!
  • Added Cryptmas game mode to Versus Mode
    • Gather presents for points, or open them to gain helpful items!
  • Added Undead Santa and Zombie Elves to Versus Mode
  • Added Shiver Island arena type to Versus Mode
  • Added Deep Water tiles to Versus Mode: movement is not slowed, but staying in Deep Water for too long leads to drowning!
  • Added Projection Scroll to Versus Mode
  • Added an option to generate levels with larger room sizes in the level editor
  • Added an option to render a warning outline around gold coins when playing Monk/Coda
  • Added a warning message when trying to start a run with unspent diamonds
  • Added a changelog menu that shows up when starting up the game after an update for the first time
    • This changelog can be revisited at any time via ‘Options’ > ‘Misc options’ > ‘View changelog’



With Reaper’s introduction to version 3 of Crypt of the NecroDancer, we have made a few quality-of-life changes to improve her playability in online sessions:

  • Changed Soul Familiars to no longer block Reaper’s movement if they did not directly attack an enemy
  • Changed Soul Familiars to use different colors for each player in co-op mode
  • Changed Soul Familiars controlled by other players to appear translucent
  • Changed Soul Familiars controlled by other players to be quieter
  • Changed enemies spawned in training mode to always grant Soul Familiars

Gameplay changes

  • Changed Shrine of Binding to drop Glass Armor when activated by a character with a broken heart
  • Changed Blast Helm to no longer make Grenades explode instantly
  • Changed Dice Traps to spread spawned enemies further apart on higher dice rolls
  • Changed Winged Boots to have a time limit and cooldown in Versus Mode

Other changes

  • Changed item despawn countdowns in Versus Mode to disappear more quickly, reducing visual clutter
  • Changed options menus to display a hint when the host has locked a setting
  • Changed ring slot equipment sprites to show up only on one hand
  • Changed level editor to remember the last loaded/saved file name
  • Changed Gargoyle variations to have unique names in the level editor


  • Optimized Soul Familiar movement, reducing lag spikes when large numbers of souls are present
  • Optimized tile attack checks, reducing lag spikes when large numbers of enemies or souls are present
  • Optimized level generator to consume significantly less memory
  • Optimized level generator to run faster when increasing the number of rooms in Zone 5 via the level editor
  • Optimized load times for levels with large numbers of Zone 4 dirt walls

Modding features

  • Added support for customizing the appearance of Reaper and her souls using the “Change Skin” menu
    • Resource packs with custom soul graphics will also be visible to other players in multiplayer
  • Added Reaper’s souls to the asset extraction menu
  • Added field to event.spellcast, allowing a single entity to be targeted
  • Added functions sink.unsink() and sink.updateSunken() to affect an entity’s interactions with liquids
  • Added function enemySubstitutions.pickUpgrade() to apply a specific enemy substitution
  • Added function familiar.register() to register a deployed familiar entity type
  • Added functions spawn.setSpawnCapParent() and spawn.detachFromSpawnCapParent() to manage spawn caps
  • Added support for nesting enemySubstitutions tables to bias probabilities
  • Added hidden custom rule to configure Reaper’s Soul Familiar bumping behavior


Gameplay bugfixes

  • Fixed items dropped by Gargoyles being picked up immediately when dashing into them with Ring of Courage or Suzu’s Lance
  • Fixed Shrine of War not upgrading enemies in crates or barrels
  • Fixed Shrine of Space sometimes placing the additional room after the exit room
  • Fixed Glass Torch not applying its full vision radius when upgraded by Shrine of Glass or Scroll of Need’s “Glass items” effect
  • Fixed Melody’s final boss sometimes creating isolated pockets of lava when switching to phase 2
  • Fixed Explorers Boots spawning on some story bosses when toggleable Winged Boots are equipped
  • Fixed missed beat on first input when training for Melody’s final boss
  • Fixed Dorian being able to equip the Lantern in Cadence’s final boss fight
  • Fixed Scroll of Gigantism not applying its dig radius to dirt walls created by Earth Spell
  • Fixed dirt walls created by the Earth Spell breaking adjacent regular dirt walls when dug in Zone 4
  • Fixed wall spikes granting unlimited invincibility frames when bumped with a Shovel of Courage while shrunk
  • Fixed wall spikes shattering the Glass Shovel when bumped while shrunk
  • Fixed Shovel of Courage briefly delaying its invincibility period after digging
  • Fixed Pixies healing Monkeys latched onto players
  • Fixed Gorgons petrifying Monkeys latched onto players
  • Fixed Confusion Trap reapplying its effect to stationary players when another player steps on the trap
  • Fixed Familiars reapplying their effects to stationary enemies when another enemy walks into the Familiar
  • Fixed Ooze Golems dropping multiple Ooze tiles when hit by a move-attack weapon and a Ring of Pain in the same turn
  • Fixed Ring of Protection preventing Scroll of Need from granting a Potion
  • Fixed Winged Boots not interrupting ice slides when toggled off
  • Fixed some enemies being able to destroy interior secret room travel runes, leading to softlocks
  • Fixed electric arcs started by attacking a Warlock not inflicting damage to Nocturna’s final boss
  • Fixed massive enemies (such as Golems) not being immune to Wind Spells
  • Fixed Teh Urn not being movable by Melody after falling down a trapdoor
  • Fixed Blast Helm not immediately detonating bombs created via the Bomb Spell
  • Fixed bounce traps not redirecting ice slides

Chaunter bugfixes

  • Fixed errors when a possessed enemy takes fatal damage by picking up a Ring of Pain
  • Fixed possessed mommies not being able to place bombs
  • Fixed possessed enemies not being able to spawn minions after placing a bomb
  • Fixed Cursed Wraiths cursing Chaunter’s health when attacking its possession target
  • Fixed enemies possessed by Chaunter not being protected from friendly fire
  • Fixed confusion particles lingering when Chaunter possesses an enemy
  • Fixed possessed Moles being unable to dig while unburrowed
  • Fixed possessed Moles not being able to move towards walls while wielding Boots of Leaping or Boots of Lunging
  • Fixed possessed Evil Eyes getting stuck on walls in multiplayer
  • Fixed Shopkeeper forgetting who he was angry about when Chaunter possesses an enemy

Multiplayer bugfixes

  • Fixed players instantly picking up items dropped by destroyed shrines in multiplayer
  • Fixed multiplayer level editor preview cursors not being colored correctly
  • Fixed longer sound effects playing multiple times in online multiplayer due to rollback

Versus Mode bugfixes

  • Fixed Versus Mode “Allow all characters” option not working in the lobby
  • Fixed error when playing as a character with no valid weapons in Versus Mode
  • Fixed Versus Mode treasure crown not rendering correctly on players standing in liquids
  • Fixed players continuing to slide after respawning in Versus Mode
  • Fixed “Killed by” text not displaying in Versus Mode for environmental damage sources
  • Fixed Freeze Spell causing rollback in Versus Mode
  • Fixed Versus Mode event countdown displaying on top of menus
  • Fixed Versus victory screen displaying “Candy Score” outside of Halloween

Level editor bugfixes

  • Fixed level editor accepting keyboard shortcuts while search bar is open
  • Fixed crashes when specifying extremely large level sizes in the level editor’s “Generate Level” menu

Menu bugfixes

  • Fixed some quirks not being sorted alphabetically in the menu
  • Fixed settings menu description text squishing long lines instead of wrapping to a new line
  • Fixed mod menu search not correctly filtering by display name

Modding bugfixes

  • Fixed error when using LevelBuilder to create a boss level from within event.generateBoss
  • Fixed invalid inventory.unequip calls causing persistent errors
  • Fixed multiple embedded clients not saving window positions separately
  • Fixed enemies converted to non-enemies still counting towards spawn caps
  • Fixed log error when encountering mods with invalid metadata on
  • Fixed level generation menu menu not displaying an option to quick restart
  • Fixed custom skins not showing up properly on spawnable entities added by mods
  • Fixed character skins being reset to default when adding files to a resource pack
  • Fixed Shift + F5 debug key not opening an external window

Audio bugfixes

  • Fixed some Zone 3 Cold tracks not playing after the song loops
  • Fixed Shopkeeper losing his motivation to sing after the song loops

Visual bugfixes

  • Fixed player list text outlines not fading out when toggling the player list
  • Fixed missing bounce tween when bumping into walls while shrunk
  • Fixed hover effect being permanently disabled after dying in a trapdoor
  • Fixed gold coin and diamond icons in the HUD not increasing in size when replaced by a larger image file