Industries of Titan Update 3: Shape Up and Ship Out

4th August 2020

Shape up your city and ship out your ships. It’s time to bring the fight to the rebels in the third MAJOR Industries of Titan update, Shape Up and Ship Out.

HOTFIX 0.3.3 (8/14/2020):

  • Fixed FString::Printf crash (was due to bug in the teleporter code)

HOTFIX 0.3.2 (8/11/2020):

  • Attempted fix of VFX not turning red when loading two ships in combat
  • Fixed the incredibly common teleporter call stack crash

HOTFIX 0.3.1 (8/7/2020):

  • FIXED – Combat between two ships not loading correctly, causing crashes and making ships no longer attack each other if already in combat

Patch Highlights:

  • Ship This: Introducing the Shipyard and the first iteration of ship to ship combat!

  • Access Granted: Take a peek into the Codex on the main menu to read up on Titan’s characters, buildings, devices and more!

  • Answer the Call: A new system to contact your advisors for tips and advice. Or maybe you just want to bother them.

  • Rebels with a Cause: The rebels grow bolder… Be vigilant for a call from the traitor Bahar Coroba.

  • Employee Surveillance: You can now take photos inside your buildings… What are your employees up to?

  • Under the Weather: It’s about to get chilly in here. Is that snow?

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, Septermber 1st. See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.3.0

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Shipyard and your very own Ships!

  • Build a Shipyard in your City to begin building ships. You can currently build two ships per Shipyard, so plan your City accordingly!
  • You can control your ship in City view by selecting it via LMB and then clicking RMB on the map to choose a location to fly to
  • Ships require Employees to run them, so make sure you have a steady supply
  • Use your ships to engage with incoming Rebels and intercept them before they even make it to your City!
  • For now, ship combat is only 1v1 – you can’t target one Rebel ship with two of your own, and vice versa.
  • Some juicy new SFX on ships, shipyard and more
  • Added a new ship-themed loading screen
  • Remember, this is just a small taste of the full glory of what Ships will eventually be able to do – stay tuned for later updates where we’ll add even more functionality!

Seems like the Council has finally allowed you to access their information archives… 

  • Looks like some stuff is still redacted, but if you take a peek into the Codex on the main menu, you’ll be able to read up on some Titan’s characters, buildings, devices and more!
    • Speaking of, we’re pleased to introduce you to our Chief Logistics Officer – Sola Irala! They’re here to help you with all things Trucks and Transportation. Try giving them a call from the Advisors panel.
  • We’ve sharpened up all the building thumbnails to reflect their newest appearances. You can view these shiny new images at a higher resolution in the Codex as well
  • You might run into another new face… Bahar Coroba, one of the Rebel leaders, will radio in to tell you all about how they’re going to flatten your City into the dust! Be on your highest guard, and make sure your City is ready to defend!
  • Get in touch with your Advisors using the new Dynamic Tutorial system – we’ve considerably shortened the base tutorial. You can now call your Advisors for additional hints and tips.
    • In the future, the game will point you towards specific Advisors to get you out of sticky situations and help you troubleshoot your city. Look forward to a future update!
    • We’re missing some VO for our newest faces, but rest assured that will come at some point in the future!

Ever wonder ‘why are my Citizens no longer generating credits? Oh, they’re all dead…’?

  • ? Wonder no longer! We’ve added a Notification system to the right hand side of the screen that will let you know when one of your Citizens or Employees dies… better get that pollution sorted out!

Is Your Heart Racing Yet?

  • A freshly updated track for Combat: War Bond v2

Trucking Along

  • We’ve improved the Transportation Overlay! Trucks are now highlighted in green while parked, and orange while they’re on the road.
  • We’ve improved truck delivery logic so that trucks are making better decisions about deliveries and pickups. This is continuing to improve over time, so keep looking out for it!

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

  • Experience a wide variety of weather in your City with our new Dynamic weather system. You’ve already experienced rain, but we’ve added snowstorms to the mix

Privacy? What’s that?

  • You can now take photos inside Buildings to show off your super-efficient layouts! Or, show off what a mess your Citizens are making…

Plugging those leaks, and squashing those bugs

  • We’ve put a ton of time into trying to sniff out and fix our ongoing memory leak issues, as well as lots of bug-fixes to our current features. Please let us know how the game is performing for you.
    • We’re also taking the time to audit and debug some of the existing systems such as Job Management and eventually Power/Fuel to help diagnose some of the trickier-to-fix issues – thanks for your patience and continued support while we do this!
  • We’ve added a very easy way to send save files to the devs: if the game crashes, the next time you launch it, you will be prompted to send your save file. This is all entirely optional of course, but could help us out considerably in the future.
    • You can also send your save file through the in-game bug reporter as usual.
  • We did a small upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.25.2, with more stable support to Windows 7 users and some other engine-specific fixes

A Balancing Act

  • ? We’ve rebalanced some things from our previous updates as well:
    • Truck fuel consumption per tile up by a quarter of the original amount
    • Transport Hubs refill at a rate of 20 fuel per second
    • ? Purifier removes 50% less Xethane than before
    • Crevices and Sinkholes generates less Xethane than before
    • ? Xethane conversion to fuel rebalanced to reduce fuel overproduction at high efficiencies
    • ? Increased influence cap from 200 to 300
    • ? Reduced truck pollution by 25%
    • Increased Transport Hub fuel storage
    • Recalculated the distance checks between Energy Pylons to better detect when they are in range of each other (some cases existed where they would not relay power correctly even when in range)
    • Increased fuel creation of fuel fabricators by 33%
    • Turret isotope cost has been lowered from 8 to 4, but it now requires 8 energy instead of 4 energy to power

Fixed issues as of 0.3.0

  • Fixed about 60-70 bugs on our new features!
  • Made some additional fixes that should improve memory leaks and management of memory in general. Keep letting us know if it’s working or not – we really value your feedback and we want to succeed in this endeavour
  • Fixed being allowed to buy a ship if the player didn’t have enough Employees to assign to the ship
  • Fixed multiple audio bugs across both new and old buildings and features
  • Fixed Employees not taking resources out of storage correctly if the storage was on floor 2 and the construction was outside the building (caused a discrepancy)
  • Fixed Custom map settings not being displayed on the launch screen in main menu
  • Fixed apply still being enabled after cancelling display mode change
  • Fixed the player being kicked out of shipyard if playing at 3x speed (due to overconsumption of fuel in the frames during a building transition)
  • Fixed pollution being negative on endgame market cap if the pollution was actually 0
  • Fixed Transport Hub draining all fuel out of any fuel storage if the capacity of fuel in the Transport Hub was less than the max fuel output of the city
  • Fixed number of Employees not being listed on Ship details
  • Fixed targeting property on player ships not displaying correctly
  • Fixed unlocking ships not refreshing correctly
  • Fixed shipyard button saying ‘City’ instead of shipyard
  • Fixed shipyard shortcut keybind not working
  • Fixed shipyard not using all of its tiles as an explosion source when destructed
  • Fixed weather sounds not triggering correctly after loading the game
  • Fixed cursor being hidden when using fast transitions in the Shipyard
  • Fixed Employee being permanently assigned to a Connection job if it was cancelled 
  • Fixed Employees not going to job site (construction OR Ruins actions) outside of the building they were in if storage was on the second floor (also reserved trucks incorrectly)
  • Fixed some incomplete code for upgrading buildings that was not completely removing the Level 1 version of the building
  • Fixed pausing device construction before resources arrived leaving an empty-looking construction site even though resources were present
  • Fixed pausing a device construction not releasing the Employee from their construction job
  • Fixed extract effect appearing prematurely if a game with queued extracts was loaded (would also cause salvage flag to stick around on empty tiles)
  • Fixed pausing and resuming a construction decreasing the HUD resource count incorrectly
  • Fixed resources dropped on a ground tile due to job cancellation and storage full not being returned to storage when it became available again (they were never cleaned up)
  • Fixed trucks becoming incorrectly and permanently reserved when an Employee on the second floor was picking up resources from a Mine
  • Fixed a crash in the PowerManagement system
  • Fixed a crash in BYGLaborManagement
  • Fixed Connected buildings not finishing connection and being inoperable after save and load
  • Fixed player net worth added by pollution was not considering all tiles of the Shipyard
  • Fixed trucks being unable to transport more than one waste at a time (was due to the fact that waste typically generates one at a time)
  • Fixed device dismantle jobs never resuming if paused
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a rebel-owned building that drops resources on the newly created tile
  • Fixed an issue where loading a game would 100% of the time result in a decrease in framerate, regardless of the contents of the game
  • Fixed pausing and cancelling a construction job causing a storage discrepancy if not all reserved resources had been taken out of storage when job was paused and cancelled
  • Fixed pausing and resuming a construction deleting an extra resource from the HUD
  • Fixed some memory leaks in the Energy Management system
  • Fixed a common crash (MonitoringTile)
  • Fixed relay looking powered on when just connected to an outlet with no power source
  • Fixed (!!) camera recenter when moving between floors of a building causing the camera to fly to the corner of the map when exiting a building
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur when multiple buildings were supplying energy to the entire city and those buildings went offline
  • Fixed construction jobs with a ‘delivery-only’ component never completing, causing constructions to freeze and never finish
  • Fixed Employees being able to abandon Connection jobs before they were finished to do other tasks
  • Fixed pausing building dismantle before Employee arrived to the job later causing the building to be instantly dismantled if the job was resumed
  • Fixed trucks being incorrectly reserved and disappearing if a device was placed on top of an Employee who couldn’t path out of it, causing them to take the elevator incorrectly and reserve a truck.
    • This indirectly fixed trucks disappearing when upgrading or connecting a Transport Hub.
  • Fixed Xethane not generating from Sinkholes after loading the game
  • Fixed Mine slider not retaining the number it was previously set at (would always default back to 1)
  • Fixed upgrading and connecting buildings not refreshing adjacent roads, resulting in pathfinding issues from those buildings when using a truck
  • Fixed storage discrepancies and Employee movement issues when Employees were trying to move resources from a storage that was one floor below them to another storage location (caused exponentially multiplying resources in the destination storage)
  • Fixed weather sounds not loading correctly
  • Fixed Employee becoming permanently idle if a dismantle job was paused and then resumed
  • Fixed a hole in the Rock asset
  • Fixed Jukebox skipping songs when switching between Manual and Automatic mode
  • Fixed only one tile of the Shipyard getting included in the Transportation Overlay
  • Fixed the advisor panel interrupting Tutorial dialog
  • Fixed a crash during the tutorial

You can find the full list of known issues here.