Update 0.7.0

Released: 30th May 2023

  • ▲ – a buff was applied
  • ▼ – a nerf was applied
  • ⮂ – a tradeoff occurred
  • ☄️ – a change was made based on community feedback


New Features 

  • Added Auxiliary skills!
    • Two auxiliary skills are available each battle regardless which main skills you selected. Try out new interactions with the battlefield and your followers!
  • Added Ultimate talents!
    • The most powerful talents are awaiting in the Chamber. The more energy you collect, the stronger they become!


  • Added new Talents:
    • Native Land (nature)
    • Toxicity (nature)
    • Primal Power (fire)
    • Pure Destruction (fire)
    • Beacon of Souls (death)
    • Army of the Dead (death)
  • Added new Skills:
    • Mark of Darkness (death spell)
  • Added new Scrolls:
    • Dark Entity

Visuals and Audio 

  • Added SFX for new content
  • Added VFX for new content

Balance Changes 


  • ▼ Increased turn requirements for acquiring speed rewards


  • Tor’Blan (Act 3 boss)
    • ▼ Decreased base attack from 8 to 5
    • ▼ Removed the damaging passive ability
    • ▲ Increased health gain per level from 9% to 10,5%
    • ▲ Increased City Walls’ health on all difficulties by ~40%
    • ▲ Increased City Walls’ attack on all difficulties by from 0 to 3
    • ▲ Added a new ability to City Walls: “Each turn: deals 3 damage to all adjacent enemies”
    • ⮂ Reworked the Northern Cities’ spawning pattern: they will no longer spawn on City Walls’ hexes
  • Cave Imp (Act 3)
    • ▲ Increased base health from 38 to 43
    • ▲ Increased Angry Imp’s base stats from 15/25 to 17/28
  • Archaeologist (Act 2)
    • ▲ Increased base attack from 6 to 7

Enemy modifiers

  • Exhaustion
    • ▲ Decreased the chance of appearance from 8% to 7%
  • Heavy armor
    • ▲ Increased damage reduction from 10/9/8 to 9/8/8 (the value depends on Act)
  • Judgement
    • ▲ Increased extra damage from 6/8/10 to 8/11/13 (the value depends on Act)
  • Fighting spirit
    • ▲ Increased attack buff values from 1/2/3 to 2/3/4 (the value depends on Act)


  • ▼ Increased energy thresholds for acquiring talents from 20/50/100 to 25/60/120
  • Gift of the Forest (nature)
    • ▼ Decreased the Regeneration’s buff value from 3 to 2
  • Emerald Defender (nature)
    • ▼ Reworked the effect: it’s triggered on turn 4 instead of turn 3


  • New Age (Act 1)
    • ▼ Decreased the Elite Guard’s stats from 7/20 to 7/18
  • Eternal Hunt (Act 1)
    • ▼ Decreased the Elvish Warrior’s stats from 5/10 to 5/7


  • Divine Will (neutral spell; now – Divine Strike)
    • ⮂ Reworked the effect: “Relocate any unit to an adjacent hex” –> “Deal 2 damage to an enemy; +1 for each unit next to the Shrine”

Basic tiles

  • Frozen Lakes
    • ▼ Nerfed the effect so it no longer destroys units with Resistance

Shrine perks

  • Master’s Presence
    • ▲ Reworked the effect: it adds stats for each adjacent Shrine instead of just one



  • Hovering over City Walls (Act 3 boss battle) no longer causes FPS drop.


  • ☄️ Now, there is a block with essential information about the match on the world map screen.
  • Redesigned various UI and decorative elements in the Chamber.
  • ☄️ Purchasing energy for ether no longer reloads the Chamber.
  • Holding LMB over “+” or “-” adds/subtracts energy rapidly in the Chamber.
  • Cost of one spark is now displayed next to the spark icons in the Forge.
  • Cost of one energy is now displayed next to the energy icons in the Chamber.
  • When a unit with Resistance is being pushed off the continent, a notification will be displayed over their healthbar.


  • The battle speed rewards become available on continent 3 instead of continent 2.
  • The first visit Chamber tutorial has been expanded — it now includes 2 extra hints.
  • Rituals become available on the next battle after completing the Chamber tutorial.
  • Battle Sorceresses and Enslaved Ogres are ~15% weaker on the first continent of the tutorial match.
  • When you put the Heart of the Volcano into a slot with a spell during the Forge tutorial, a hint about their incompatibility will be displayed.
  • Slightly changed the order of Fates appearing during the tutorial match.
  • The Merchant now offers the fixed set of scrolls on the first visit of the tutorial match.


  • Fixed button-mashing talent icons in the Chamber leading to the talents being learnt incorrectly.
  • Fixed the Training Camp looking snowy in Act 2.
  • Fixed Northern Cities’ skill use notification being obscured by healthbars.
  • Fixed the ESC-menu being obscured by certain UI elements.
  • Fixed the special Wise Ruler’s tooltip being displayed incorrectly in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed Raise the Dead not allowing to cancel its effect while resurrecting the Shrine.
  • ☄️ Fixed duplicate skills showing up in the start drafting.
  • Fixed the upper panel’s inventory being blocked from any interactions after dragging a gem to a skill slot. Happened on rare occasions.
  • Fixed resurrection effects being unable to resurrect the Shrine when the God of Prosperity’s unit limit is reached.
  • Fixed the description on the Rituals’ screen being displayed in English when another language is selected.

Known Issues 

  • Prediction directional arrows can sometimes fail to show after using a Fate or Ritual.
  • Enemy units sometimes get stuck moving between two tiles
  • Enemy units sometimes move back and forth even if they’re adjacent to the Shrine
  • The gameplay window is allowed to break aspect ratio in ways that cut UI off and make the game hard to play
  • Accessing inspect mode on some tooltips will cancel the skill that is being placed