Update 0.1.1

Released: 9th November 2022

Hey everyone! Godless has now officially launched in early access, and today we’ve got our first post-launch patch for you all, including quite a few bug fixes and a couple of small UI and balance changes. If you’re interested in all of the latest Godless-related announcements and community discussions or you’d like to provide feedback to the developers, be sure to join the Brace Yourself Games Discord!



  • Dragging animation of gem icons over skill icons is now smoother.


  • Changed the following units:
    • Archdruid (enemy, Act 1).
      • Ability: “Deals 4 damage to all enemies on forests” –> “Deals 3 damage to all enemies on forests”
      • Health gain per level: 25% –> 22%

Bug fixes

  • Battles are no longer stuck at the black screen (happened under very specific conditions)
  • If a “Furious Brute” (fire unit) dies as a result of the “Heart of the Volcano” effect (fire+fire gem), it will no longer lead to freezing the turn
  • If a “Sandstorm” (basic tile, Act 2) pushes a unit to the tile affected by the “Sacred Emerald” (nature-nature gem), it will no longer lead to freezing the turn (happened under very specific conditions)
  • Applying a gem no longer allows to apply it multiple times to other skill slots
  • A gem’s description is no longer displayed in the Forge before merging until you’ve crafted this gem at least once for the entire playtime
  • Triggering the battle speed tutorial right before the second wave of enemies no longer freezes the turn
  • Consequence icons in the battle rewards section are no longer clickable until they fully appear
  • Closing the gems’ menu by clicknig somewhere on the screen no longer prevents the skills’ menu from being open
  • The “Planned Assault” (fire talent) now counts spent mana correctly